My skin care kit and routine   

What's in my skin care kit !

In my opinion as a beauty obcessed woman trained in hair and makeup there are a lot of gimmicky products that say they will do miracles for your skin! You don't have to be any sort of expert to know the beauty industry is a gold mind. So it's no wonder diffrent cometic brands constantly compete for the best most amazing products to be released. Us weman are obcessed with making the most of our selfs and rightly so, but it's important we aren't wasting our money on miracle creams that don't actually work. For me a lot of my products I buy are 100% natural or 100% the product or chemical that actually works. I'm not staying these products are the best for everyone, but they are by far the best for me and I hope they can help some of my lovley readers ! 

Clear skin is vital for a lot of things. It makes us feel good and boosts are confidence, it also makes applying makeup easier and gives a over all better finish and even base. So what do I find works for me well here we go !

Frankinsence oil / tea tree oil 
These are two oils I get from mistic moments who actually have a store on eBay so everyone can buy them for a really reasonable price I'll link it here. They are 100% pure and the oils them selfs are fantastic for your skin. Frankinsence oil rebuilds broken DNA it literally has soo many good benefits and uses check them all out in my full article on frankinsence here. It's amazing for moisturising, rebuilding the skin and I use it predominately for anti ageing and moisturising. Tea tree oil I use for anti ageing and also it's a natural aniseptic so it helps remove bacteria stored in the pores causing spots and blackheads.

Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid is my new best friend ! It is amazing for the skin perticuarly blackheads with one use of this product the blackheads on my nose were almost gone. This product helps peel and exfoliate the top layer of skin which in turn removes bacteria stored in the pores. Eliminating those bothersome blackheads !

There alot of miroderma kits you can get Clarasonic being a very popular and quite exspensive one. Microdermabrasion is a general term for the application of tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. Many different products and treatments use this method, including medical procedures, salon treatments and creams and scrubs that you apply yourself at home.  It's important to understand how skin works.The skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis The epidermis is the layer closest to the outside world. It's a set of dead skin cells on top of another layer of cells that are in the process of maturing. With this miroderma kit i gently buff away these dead skin cells which leaves my skin looking glowing.All the dull dead skin is removed and this helps with spots and blackheads particularly by removing the dirt in that top layer of skin. Using this once a week or once a fortnight is enough with this treatment as we dont want the skin to be over buffed and exfoliated. You can find this kit here

Quinoderm cream is a amazing product, it is primarily a spot cream.  The product contains two active ingredients, benzoyl peroxide and potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate. Benzoyl peroxide is a type of medicine known as a keratolytic. This means that it works by breaking down keratin, a protein which makes up the cells of the skin.When you apply benzoyl peroxide to the skin it causes the top layers of skin to shed. This helps break down deep dirt in comedones (blackheads)and those pesky spots. Not only this and unblocks the sebaceous glands to prevent the formation of new comedomes. I use this twice weekly but if you have a lot of spots of have had a bad break out you can use it every day. And I do use this for preventing spots to. Click here for more information.

Nivea soft
This is my favourite moisturising Creme, I find the formula is nice and simple. It's got a nice scent but it's not over perfumed. It's not to watery and lasts nicely on the skin, but does absorb well too. For me it's my perfect moisturiser. For very sensitive skin you may want to patch test before use as anything containing a scents as it can irritate the skin. 

Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub. 
I like this blackhead exfoliating scrub as it just helps remove dead skin while tackling those nasty blackheads. 
Baby wipes are less expansive than makeup wipes and for me these Johnson extra sensitive baby wipes just feel really nice on the skin. Now it's important to totally remove makeup and baby wipes don't always get it all out of the pores. But let's be honest girls we all have days that we just remove our makeup with wipes so it's important we get nice ones. If there good enough for baby's skin they are good enough for our faces and these ones for extra sensitive skin are truly perfect. I'd happily use them on my baby as it has no harsh chemicals so pies that go on your face should be no diffrent.

I hope this was helpful and remember to stay beautiful inside out ! 

One of the latest trends to hit the high street are oval curlers. Yes the oval curler is taking the beauty industry by storm! Since being released early this year the new innovation is fast becoming a stand up competitor against the conventional round curling tongs. Why could this be you ask ? Well, one the main features to this wand is the curl it gives you. If you have ever wanted Hollywood glam Kim kardashians waves this is the tool for you! This classic look has been at the heart of every major event with countless celebs rocking these natural elegant waves. Frequently requested in all salons up and down the country the oval curler is allowing us to get this high glam look at home. 

The Babyliss wand Inparticular heats up to 200°C, and the barrel is ceramic coated so no pulling on the hair. It has Advanced Ceramics technology for ultra fast heat up and heat recovery. There are five different heat settings from 140°C, meaning  if you have finer hair you don't have to use a damaging high heat, but if you have thick hair, you can use a higher temperature to get a greater effect. The wand also has a plastic cool tip, which prevents burnt fingers, and the bottom of the wand has a heat rest to protect your work surface. It also has an auto shut off, so it automatically turns off after 72 minutes. All helpful handy features. 

The wand has a few diffrent looks you can create from soft brushed out waves, to more defined set looking curls. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. Brushing out the curles will give you a softer wave and can even look nicer the next day as the hair sofens into it's style. Taking smaller sections and applying a hair spray will give a more defined curl rather than a wave. The looks are very easy to achieve anyone can do this at home! Not only is it simple and quick but the waves really do last for a good 3-4 days using dry shampoo.

 Being a salon stylist myself I was egar to give this new styling innovation a go see below how I got on with it and just how easy it is to achieve this look at home. 

Red lips golden smokey eye !

Latest video on you tube now long lasting makeup look ! Go to home page to see more about the products used !

Castor oil for hair growth

We all have troubles with our hair from time to time. Be it breakage, split ends, no growth or thinning. But now you can bid farewell to all these problems with the help of castor oil! Yes, castor oil can do wonders for your hair! As a hairdresser myself i am amazed by this product so here's more information and my experiences with castor oil. 

Although, using castor oil can be messy and its hard to remove, this is one fantastic product to use for pretty much anything hair wise if you stick with it. And trust me the extra effort is worth it especially if you have problems with growth or thinning. Castor oil is filled with some excellent vital nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals and proteins, which are required for healthy hair. When the hair is it in alegen growing state it needs alot of these vital vitamins and nutrients castor oil is packed with all the goodies the hair needs.  It also has antibacterial and anti fungal properties too.

Combats hair loss
Hair loss is a very common problem today. There are various factors and reasons for this such as illness, heated hairstyling, infection, dandruff , immune disorders ect. But, with the use of castor oil this loss can and will be stopped. Just take some castor oil, and massage it to your scalp and roots. Leave it on for any thing for a couple of hours to a couple of days if you have time. Then wash off that can take 3 washes and you will need a strong anit greese shampoo but i promise you it will be worth it. Ricinoleic acid that is present in castor oil helps to protect your hair and stimulates circulation of nutrient rich blood to your scalp.
Stimulates hair growth
If you want to see hair growth fast within a few weeks to a few months, then no other oil can be as good as castor oil. The oils feeds the hair follicles adding omega-6 essential fatty acids that is needed to grow healthy hair. With regularly use on your scalp, it boosts blood circulation to the follicles, leading to hair growth. It is important to let the product penetrate the hair shaft so leaving it on over night is important when using this product for growth ! 

General hair health
Castor oil is amazing for split ends and breakages ! It smooths down the hair and mends the hairs structures. Since castor oil is filled with essential nutrients as mentioned before, it can help you to put a stop to split ends and breakage. Spread the oil evenly on your hair you can always mix it with lighter oils like red oil olive oil or jojoba for easier application. Then leave the treatment on for 15 min 20mins or longer is possible. You could even use a small amount to dry hair to put the hair up in a sleek pony and wear for a few days for a intensive treatment. 

My own experience
My own experience with castor oil has been really positive i am a hairdresser myself so i can be very skeptical with trying products for hair growth. But i must confess after not expecting great things doing a 3 month trail the results were hard to ignore. As many ladies do i couldn't grow my hair much past my shoulders. But after using the treatment every week for three months it managed to get past the difficult growth stage and grow a good 2-3 inches in that 3 month period. It was tough to stick with it and i will give you no illusion that its a easy product to use but its worth it. If you stick to it the chances are you will see similar results. From my own friends and family that have tried it they have all seen growth and thickness restored and these results in my opinion cant be ignored so if your thinking about it go for it ! See my video on it for more information : 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

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This video is a simple look using a bold lip and subtle soft smokey eyes. Anyone can do this at home if your brave enough ! 

Colour can be abit scary at first but there's no better time of year to get experimenting with bright pinks and corals than this summer ! Colour pops are everywhere this season and not only look great but for me get me in that summer mood.

Here i Used Maybellines pink punch to instantly brighten the look these retail for around £6.00 and are well worth it for summer or even to mix in the winter months. There fairly long lasting and the colour is extremely pigmented and true to shade. 

For the full look and more picture check out instagram @susiex92 or youtube NSWbeauty for a full tutorial ! And have a beautiful day !