Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Quinoderm the amazing spot treatment you must try !

Acne and spots is a condition that can leave the person suffering feeling very self consouious. It can be confidence shattering. I myself no this from my own outbreaks I use to suffer with at age 15. Although it wasn't acne the break outs would always leave me feeling less confident and self concousious. But that was all at a end when I found this product !
Quinoderm is not a very well known treatment for spots or acne. The reason for this could possibly lie in it's availability . Quinoderm isn't openly sold on the shelves, it's stocked as a over the counter treatment you can find at your local chemists no prescription needed. However doctors regularly will advise to use this for cases of spots and acne. For me it's my go to product when ever I have a niggaly spot or break out.


Quinoderm cream is a amazing product, the benefits are endless, but how does it work?  The product contains two active ingredients, benzoyl peroxide and potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate. Benzoyl peroxide is a type of medicine known as a keratolytic. This means that it works by breaking down keratin, a protein which makes up the cells of the skin.When you apply benzoyl peroxide to the skin it causes the top layers of skin to shed. This helps break down deep dirt in comedones (blackheads)and those pesky spots. Not only this and unblocks the sebaceous glands to prevent the formation of new comedones.
Benzoyl peroxide also has an antibacterial action and directly kills the bacteria associated with acne, Propionebacterium acnes. This is a common type of bacteria that feeds on sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. It produces waste products and fatty acids that irritate the sebaceous glands, making them inflamed and causing spots. By reducing bacterial numbers, benzoyl peroxide helps bring the inflammation of the sebaceous glands under control.

Quinaderm comes in diffrent strengths 5% and 10%  the first time you use the product it may be wise to try the 5 as it can be extremely drying on the skin. Then from there work up to the 10 in time. It also comes in a form of a wash which you can use on it's on or as a double impacted part of your cleansing routien. 

My personal experience

My experience with quinaderm has been positive. I first decided to use the product when I was 15 at that time in my life I had a few hormonal spots just on my jaw line. A typical break out for me would make me feel anxious and less confident even if it didn't appear so. So this product for me was a utter god send. It drys out the skin and prevents break outs and removes bacteria on the skin to eliminate spots and acne already formed. 

How to use:

  • Quinoderm cream should be applied thinly and massaged all over the affected areas of skin two to three times a day.
  • Wash your hands after applying the cream.
  • If you experience excessive redness or peeling of your skin after using this cream, decrease the amount of cream you use and use it less frequently (or stop temporarily). If any soreness persists consult your doctor.
  • Do not use this product excessively - this won't make it any more effective but will increase the chance of it irritating your skin.


  • This cream is for external use on the skin only and must not be taken by mouth.
  • Avoid getting the cream in contact with the eyes, mouth, angles of the nose and mucous membranes such as the lining of the nose. Rinse the cream off with warm water if you accidentally get it on these areas.
  • Avoid applying the cream to broken or damaged skin.
  • Avoid exposing the treated areas to excessive sunlight, sunbeds or sunlamps.
  • This product may bleach hair and coloured fabrics including clothing, towels and bed linen. Be careful to avoid getting the cream on these materials