Saturday, 26 July 2014

Porefessional review

Say goodbye to pores with this perfect pore less perfection of a product !

Yes Porefessional gets a massive thumbs up from me, there are still bad points to this product namely the price retailing at 29.99 it is certainly expensive. However certain retailers you can find it cheaper and I will link a few places down below for you to price check.

I was given this product as a birthday gift for me the thought of buying a primer for 29.99 was not really somthing I'd be willing to do. That is until I tried it. I have always had larger pores around my nose area and have always struggled to cover them with a foundation even after using a primer. But straight away with the Porefessional primer my larger pores were no more. This really was amazing for me not only this but my foundation applied much better and it left a better finish altogether. Even on my bare skin it made it feel much softer and was nice just to wear it with just a hint of foundation on a natural day. 

So why is it any better than other primers ? Well if I'm truly honest as I always am in my reviews there is no real reason for this, it's simply the formula that works the best. It's texture and consistancy does the job that other primer do but just better ! It's second to none in every way for me and there is no other primer that stands against it. I use this primer on special occasions to get the most for my money but it really does last well I have had mine for four months using once or twice a week. For a daily primer I use loreals primer which is good just not quite pore fection !  9.5/10