Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween makeup !

Something abit diffrent for the Halloween season a cracked living/dead doll makeup. Not only is this look abit unusual it also alows us to not only show a slightly freeky scarey side but actually a little glimpse of beautiful makeup in the living side. This for any makeup geek is a fun thing to play around with and will look great for Halloween if your not wanting to go down the blood and gore theme. 

Here's how it's done : 

Step 1: apply foundation to a 1/4 of your face whiten 3/4 of the face neck and chest.
Step 2: apply black eye liner in jagged lines to form what looks like a crack.
Step 3: use red lipstick as dolls genrally have darker lips.
Step 4: use a pick/red blush on the apple of your cheek.
Step 5: use false eyelash on the alive eye and a light brown eye shadow on the lid.
Step 6: use a darker brown in the crease of you eye.
Step 7: use this darker shade under the eye slightly too.
Step 8: darken brow and shape.
Step 9: set with powder and setting spray
Step 10: step back and admire your work 😉

Hope this was inspiring for some of you and and have a wonderful Halloween ! 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Makeup do's and don'ts

Today I thought I'd do a really quick post on makeup mistakes ! Simple things that we all need to be aware of when applying the makeup!

1. Your makeup is not a mask, use it to enhance you not cover you.
2. Even I am guilty of over caking when a dreaded spot appears but remenber less is more.
3. Your eyebrows are meant to be made of hair not powder and certainly not eye liner. Remenber to just lightly enhance don't fake what isn't natural. (In all aspects of life 🙊)
4. Lips big lips are where it's at now in the beauty world but don't over draw to much natural is key.
5. Do you naturally blush like that ? Blusher should be a hint of colour like a pinch to the cheek more than a thump to the face. Avoid harsh reds and apply not just to the apples but up to the hair line.
6. Your foundation should match your neck and blend seamlessly down.
7. Natural eye shadow shades are recommended to a more sultry eye don't go for to many over the top colours unless the rest of the face is neutral.
8. Don't go too light under the eyes. Yes go lighter there but not to the point of it being a obvious triangle of white.
9. Contour naturally we don't want to see brown lines everywhere!
10. Always smile no amount of makeup can change how pretty it is to see a smile!

Thanks for reading beauties ! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Organic beauty !

Organic beauty is somthing many of us love and i adore organic beauty ! But what is it exactly? Well it's beauty based products that contain no nasty chemicals or harsh ingredients. Not only this but most organic products are genrally ethically made and tested. Meaning products will be cruelty free with no animal testing. They also promote a fair trade philophy paying a fair price for stock, Ingredents ect this helps third world country's and any product promoting fair trade is taking slightly less money for themselves in order to do the right thing for disadvanged country's. This should be highly commended. Many of these types of products are considered better for the skin and genral well being. Most if not all ingredients come naturally from the earth, being so natural and chemical free you can see why people love organic ranges. In this article I have included some organic products that not only offer organic luxary but are genuinely fantastic well working products in there own right organic or not.

So starting of with skin care. This part of beauty is very important all the creams, lotions and potions you put on your skin are absorbed into dermis. A face full of chemicals and pollutants is needless to say not doing you any good. Natural products and extracts will go into the deeper layer of your skin and actually help mend, restore and strength the skin in a natural way. Pure&light is a beautiful range of organic skin products, making a Big bag into the beauty world with over 27 certified luxary organic Ingredents in some of there formulas. Their face creams, serums and lotions combat a number of problems not just one or two. Not only this but all pure&light products have no parabens, artificial ingredients, fragrances or Gbms. 

Pure&light say:

"We do believe that skin care should be simple. So we have brought in a new concept of purity and simplicity into the skin care market. Our organic skin care range is simple to use. Although simple to use and it looks simple there is years of study, hard work and experience behind them to bring you a simple solution for having a product which balances and stimulates cell production, production of collagen, skin renewal, sebum control, and so on, without concerning you with any of the details and just wanting you to enjoy the scent and the positive effects of our organic skin care range on your skin and the positive side effect which they bring to your emotions. Making it a simple and happy way."

Trailing thiese products for house of coco I personally have had amazing results not only do the products smell great, look great and feel great. They actually work ! My skin felt wonderfully hydrated, smoother and just more raident with a healthy glow. House of coco would defiantly recommend them  and would make great presents for yes I'm about it say it ... Christmas ! Click here to go straight to there website

Next we come to a wonderful organic product for hair colouring ! Having worked in salon throughout my life I have always loved the concept of a hair colour that would be completely natural. Not only do normal hair colours smell, occasionally irritate the scalp and don't get me started on the stinging they cause our eyes. Natural hair colour is always going to be so much better. In fact it is a technique that has been around for century's with herbal and henna dye being seen right back to agent Egyptian times. But non more widely accessible to the u.k market than khadi. Khadi offers an amazing array of colours which come in a powder form all you have to do is add water and your away ! 

Khadi is not only 100% herbal and certified a natural cosmetic, I truly feel you get a lot for your money. Yes it isn't the conventional way of home hair colouring, but in my professional opinion for home use it's a better way. Trying this on my own hair doing just my root area I was able to use the product five times. It gave me a beautiful shine and really made my hair feel soft and conditioned. For more information or other beautiful gifts please do not hesitate to check out the khadi website.

Soaps and sanitisers. Dr bronners magic soaps and fair trade products are getting more and more well known to the u.k market not only really good value for money but they smell amazing! Currently being rolled out in all tescos in the u.k. The packaging reflects the fair trade image with most product being wraped in paper there is somthing really pleasing about holding these products and the sense your doing good in the world is very satisfying. 

The product it's self smells delicious ! They do just as it says on the packet each soap liquid or bar form has a diffrent essential oils in them. This makes the smell beyond beautiful and it's quite a lasting fragrance with I myself really like. The spray sanitizer in lavender smelt amazing I wouldn't use any other spray on sanitizer after trying this one. It's travel sized, fair trade, doesn't make you hands feel gooey and again the smell is just beautiful. There are so many product I. This range that I am yet to try from soaps to shampoos but one things for sure I will defiantly be re buying this organic fair trade wonder product ! Again for more information check out the website or head to a local stockist.

The final product I have tried and tested in organic beauty is actually somthing I never thought possible. Organic nail varnish ! Zoya for many is quite a well known brand of polish but not everyone is actually aware of there ethics behind the product. Not only does the Zoya  last really well making my manicure last a grand total of 7 days un chipped it's safe and natural. I was very pleasantly surprised that there are no nasty polish smells and the colour range is just amazing ! There really isn't much more to say about this product other than this is fantastic quality nail varnish at it's best. With the added bonous of it being safe and natural. At a reasonable price be sure to check out there website for more information

So thank you for reading and I hope that's tempted you to try some amazing organic beauty products ! Hit the like button at the bottum of this post if you would be interested in here about organic makeup !