Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween makeup !

Something abit diffrent for the Halloween season a cracked living/dead doll makeup. Not only is this look abit unusual it also alows us to not only show a slightly freeky scarey side but actually a little glimpse of beautiful makeup in the living side. This for any makeup geek is a fun thing to play around with and will look great for Halloween if your not wanting to go down the blood and gore theme. 

Here's how it's done : 

Step 1: apply foundation to a 1/4 of your face whiten 3/4 of the face neck and chest.
Step 2: apply black eye liner in jagged lines to form what looks like a crack.
Step 3: use red lipstick as dolls genrally have darker lips.
Step 4: use a pick/red blush on the apple of your cheek.
Step 5: use false eyelash on the alive eye and a light brown eye shadow on the lid.
Step 6: use a darker brown in the crease of you eye.
Step 7: use this darker shade under the eye slightly too.
Step 8: darken brow and shape.
Step 9: set with powder and setting spray
Step 10: step back and admire your work 😉

Hope this was inspiring for some of you and and have a wonderful Halloween ! 

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