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5 top nails polishes


About : opi has been used in salons for decades. Yes with out a doubt opi has made a name for itself as being a leading brand of nail polish. The varity of  colours are amazing and no ones polish collection is complete without a few opi treats in your collection.

Why is it so good : chip resistance is a massive facter with this polish it can last a good amount of time. On average 7 to 10 days which for a normal polish is great. The glitter polishes as well as being stunning can last even longer. High shine and lasting finish makes this polish a must.

Retail price per polish : between £8-£15

Rating: 9.5/10


About: Jessica is another salon favourite. It too has been used in salons across the world as a leading brand. A nail technicians favourite Jessica has been in business for over 20 years. 

Why is it so good: Jessica has a really lovley finish it's glossy and keeps it's shine. Although it has a slower drying time in my opinion the mani or pedi will last a good full week.

Retail price per polish : £8-£15


Rimmels 60 seconds

About: rimmels 60 second polish has only been around for the last 4 years but hasn't it just taken the polish world by storm ! They say a girl is only helpless while her nails are drying well now it only takes a minuet with the second seconds dry time.

Why is it so good: obviously the main quality of this polish is the quick dry time. However I love the amount of colours there are in the range. Not only this but the finish is very shiney and could be mistaken with any high end polish. It does chip but it actually stays fairly well compared to most high street polishes.

Retail price per polish: £4.99-6.99

Rating: 8/10

Models own

About: models own is a fairly new brand of polish well known in America it's only recently been seen on the uk market. 

What makes it so good: again this brand had an amazing colour range. However what makes this range stand out is it's multi tonel range, where the colour alters in the light. This freature isn't unique to models own, but it is done incredibley well. There glitter polishes also are highly pigmented and lasts fairly well. One down point to the glitter polish they do take a long time to dry. Many a time I have become in patient and smudge my nails. 

Retail price per polish : £4.99-£6.99

Rating: 8/10

No 7 stay perfect 

About: No 7 has always done fantastic quality makeup and polishes, but has never been classed as a high end brand. It lies at the top end of a high street branding. No 7 has been around for decades and the polishes have developed over time.

What makes it so good: This polish lasts really well (a good full week). It has a nice shiney finish and is fairly chip resistant. Really classy colours is the only way to describe the colour selection and the drying time is fairly good.

Retail price per polish: £6.99-£8.99

Rating: 8/10

Best self tanners reviews !

Best self tanners for the summer. Reviewing each tan for the value for money, colour and general finish of each product. Each self tanner I have used in the past two years. Some I have discontinued using others I use regularly and here are my honest opinions and reviews for each ! 

Remember when using tan to apply using a glove or mit to avoid dark hands and to exfoliate before use. Moisturizer every couple of days after use or at least the fourth day after wearing the tan for long lasting best results. Remember the fade will be more dramatic depending on how dark you go with your tan. A tan just a couple of shades darker will always fade less noticeably than a very dark tan.

Top 3 tanners at the bottom of the page with links where to buy !

St moriz

Type: Gradual/ instant
Pice: £4.99
Consistency: mousse 
Application time : 4-6hr for colour to develop
Colour: Comes in three different shades light to dark gives a even brown colour with olive under tones. Not much of a orange tint but more of a olive green. Can be light and natural or very dark and deep.
Long lasting : a week - to a week and a half.
Fade: Fade will show after a week and a half and will need a good scrub and exfoliate. It generally will come off first in the creases of your skin. You will need to get all old product off with this tan before applying the tan again.
Rating: 9/10


Type: Gradual
Price: £5.99
Consistency: Cream
Application: 2 or 3 times for a deeper tan. Over the corse of a week making for a long lasting tan.
Colour: Brown with a medium orange tone not overly orange. More applications the darker the colour becomes light to medium genrally. 4-6hrs over night before showering.
Long lasting : Can last up to 2 weeks or slightly more if applications are spread over a couple a weeks but the colour won't be so intense. Very natural looking. 
Fade: Good fade it will start to fade at about a week and a half,but will be a more natural fade with light exfoliation needed. I would surguest with this tan to remove all old product before applying a new layer.
Rating: 7.5/10


Type: Gradual
Price: £6.99
Consistency: Cream
Colour: Natural tan colour brown slight orange tint but not unnaturally so. Darker with each application generally a medium tan. I Really love how natural this tan looks one of my favorites as its moisturizing too. Colour can be seen from 4 hrs of wearing but should be left on for at least 6 hrs for a light to medium tan. But remember these tans are build-able.
Long lasting : 2 weeks.
Fade: Fade is pretty natural will start to fade after about a week and a half and will need a light exfoliation before reapplying. Reapplying with this tan is very good to as it will blend with any product left on the skin. Also old product when you next exfoliate will come off but the new tan will be left underneath so exfoliating all the old tan off isnt a must with this tan as its a blending tan.


Type: Instant/Gradual
PriceAny where from £15.00 Shop around for this one.
Colour: Different colours you can buy light to dark all tan have a olive undertone like the st mortiz in fact its very similar to the st mortiz tanner in many ways. 4hr-6hr
Long lasting : About a week and a half
Fading: Again very simular to the st mortiz tan it will come of in the creases of the skin first and need to be thoroughly exfoliated off before applying a new layer.
Rating: 8.5/10

Sun labs

Type: gradual
Price: Tan bottle around £25 but do shop around.
Consistency: Cream
Colour: Colour is lovley very natural and olivey. Come in light to dark shades. Smells like cherry's really is one of the nicest smelling tans you will find. Again 4hr-6hr before any colour change will occur. This one also have a exfoliate and tan extender in the range but can be sold separate. 
Fade : Fade is really good with this product it fades more naturally and is a bendable tan so if any old product isn't exfoliated off properly the new tan will penetrate underneath so exfoliation doesnt have to be so harsh. 
Long lasting : 2 and half weeks
Rating: 9/10

Sally henson- Air brush legs

Type: Instant
Price: £8.99
Consistency: spray
Colour: slightly orange tint to it but nice and brown its a makeup for the legs so its really camouflages any imperfections on the skin and gives a nice even coverage.
Long lasting : This product is a instant tanner so its not made to be long lasting more just for a night out. It is water resistant though so dont be worried if it starts raining too much. You do need to apply shower gel to really remove it.
Fade: Wash off.

Garnier summer body

Colour: slightly orange glow to this tan but it is a fairly natural tan in the sense of its not to dark.
Long lasting : Good for 2 weeks
Fade: Natural fade with light exfoilation.

St Moriz Instant tan

Type: Instant
Price £4.99
Consistancy: gel/cream
Colour: Nice rich brown dont be scared with how dark it comes out it need to be well rubbed in
Long lasting :This product is a instant tanner so its not made to be long lasting more just for a night out. It is water resistant, not quite as resistant as the sally henson leg makep so if it starts raining i would be cautious with this product. 
Rating: 8/10

Top Three !

Great build-able gradual tanner really natural colour from Palmers and my ultimate favorite Buy here Offer on!
St Moriz amazing mousse tanner really competes with st tropez and as its alot cheaper and basically the exact same thing its my second favorite tanner to use. Buy Here !

A higher end product but delivers higher end results really enjoy this tan this smell and long lasting nice natural fade make this tanner a much loved faviourt of mine. Buy Here !


Had to mention this product as for a instant tanner this would be my one of choice my top three are comprized or graduals so this is my choice for a instant wash off :) 

Hope that was helpful enjoy your summer glow ! Have a beautiful day !  

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Diego dalla palma autumn collection !

Wow ! Yes this Autumn is looking to be packed full of new makeup goodies, with lots of different brands getting ready to release there Autumn collections on to the high street. Here at Fibre nothing has amazed us more than the new innovations by Diego dalla palma! Yes this irresistible brand has done it again with there "sophisticatedly dark and alluring" cosmetics due to be launched in September 2014.

So whats so special about this collection? Well, with so many products due to be released over the coming months it was going to take something pretty special to stand out from the crowd, and Diego Dalla Palma has not disappointed with there new innovation "ego lipstick" .  Yes ego is like nothing seen before in the world of lipstick, it promises to provide lustrous shine and condition to our lips with its vitamin e enriched formula.


Don`t be deceived by its appearance although yes to look at a black lipstick may conjure up images of Gothic makeup and twilight like scenes. This black lipstick actually has a sheer transparent finish and is a very wearable lipstick to own. Its sheer, black and beautiful! A completely new style of lipstick, with its semi transparency the lipstick dresses and coats the lip in a glossy finish. Adding a slight darken pigment to the lips, its not a block colour and adds romantic drama with out being over board. This Autumn is all about dark rich colours and this lipstick could be perfect to use over a red to deepen the look and enhance that autumn feel.

Ego not only adds drama to any look, but it give a beautiful  shine that shimmers to the lips. The ultra senatorial fluid texture glides onto lips for a uniform coating. With its Vitamin E and UVA filters it also is a great anti-ageing lipstick . With this new innovation and the romantic sultry feel to the rest of Diego Dalla Palma Autumn collection this Autumn is set to be the most glamorous one yet!
Retail Price ego: (£15.50) we cant wait to get out hands on it and try it for our selves !

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cloud nine straightners

Working in a salon from the young ages of 14 I have seen many hair trends come and go. However one that is defiantly here to stay is straightening. Ghds for the past 5 years have been the hair tool of choice, but now there's a new kid on the block. Shown here by model Sam Reece you may know from the adverts cloud nine straightners are fast becoming the new iron of choice.

There are many diffrent straightners available from cloud nine the c9 touch being a very popular choice. Priced at £99, allows you to switch between temperatures of 195 degrees, which Cloud Nine says is the optimum temperature for medium to thick hair, and 165 degrees, to suit those with fine hair, simply by clicking the plates together three times.The straighteners switch off automatically after 30 seconds' inactivity, but touching the plates together just once will start them at full power again.

Cloud Nine calls the C9 Touch the fastest iron available on the market today. Heating up within 15 seconds of switching on. An LED indicator located inside the straighteners below the plates glows red when the temperature is at 195 degrees and blue when it's at 165 degrees. Its a comfortable weight to hold and well balanced when styling your hair. It features mineral-infused ceramic plates, which Cloud Nine claims naturally polish hair to give it a high shine. And I would very much agree ! 

Hope this was helpful and for me it's a must hair straightners between this and ghds which I also own I would choose cloud nine.


Simple tips to keep you happy !

My personal tips to keep yourself as happy as you can be ! 

1. Love yourself - If you don't love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you? Loving yourself doesn't mean being big headed, and thinking youre the best thing to grace the earth. It simply means loving, accepting and respecting the person you are. Having a high standard of what you expect from others to be and act like around you is important. Making yourself a hard target to reach in a romantic sense will sort out the men from the boys. For many woman happiness can come from having the right kind of relationships around you. So keep standards high and really love the person you are. But remember, dont cross oceans for people who wouldnt cross a puddle for you.

2. Do things that make you happy - Do things for yourself. As point 1 suggests you are important, worthy and you matter, so why wouldn't you do the things that make you happy? Take that class you're interested in, go to the places/attractions you want to go. Do the things that make you happy, even with a smaller budget you can still treat yourself now and again! Your responsible for your own happiness.

3. Surround yourself with positive people - The people around you do shape your moods if you are around negativity and constant moaning, it's natural it will rub off on you. Yes we all love a good moan, but we all know that one friend who barely ever says anything positive and always has a million problems in their life. Try to distance yourselves from negativity, be around people that make you smile, make you laugh and above all make you a better person. At the saying goes, positivity breeds positivity.

4. Don't like something change it - Too many of us put up with things we don't like. If you don't like your job then make the relevant changes. Don’t like the way a friend or love one treats you, then tell them. Don't like your personal appearance? Then seek advice as to how you can change this. It really is as simple as you make it. The only person who is truly holding you back is YOU! No more excuses, its time to change. Its time to live life at a new level.

5. Make the most of yourself - You are the only version of you, there wasn't a soul on earth created the same as you, no one else could ever be you. No one could have the exact gifts you own or the talents you hold. So again it is up to YOU to make the most of yourself in whichever way you see fit. Whether that be your career, personal life, being a good mum, keeping fit try to be the best at all you do.  Do the things that for fill you and make you feel good. Try to use the unique talents you where given to do good in the world. However small you think they maybe they are huge to others if you let them blossom. Even if you feel as though you lack in some areas you will exceed in others. Ask yourself this: Whats something I have that everyone wants?.

6. Take care of you - For men and woman this is important, but even more so for us ladies. Make sure you get enough rest, eat well and pamper yourself. When you look good you feel good. Have a bubble bath, now and again get your nails done. Even with young children it's important to make time for a little bit of you time. Ultimatelyyou will feel better and do a better job. It's not a crime to have an hour or two to you. Your relationships will be stronger because you feel good; your partner will appreciate your efforts and will keep things alive in that area. If you have children their care will be better if you’re looking after yourself too. Please don't think of yourself as selfish just to ask for an hour to have to yourself as you deserve that. 

7. Don't sweat the small stuff- Try not to worry too much about small things. With ages this generally gets better, but it is really hard not to worry. What is going to happen will happen, you can't change it. I have to constantly remind myself of this point as I often worry how I am perceived by othersBut by telling myself that what will be will be helps a lot! Remembering that if bad things happen or people hurt us there is a reason. The light that comes out of the darkness is a lot stronger and brighter than a light that is constant. In the same way a person that has been through hardship is generally more compassionate, strong and enlightening than a person that has been through nothing. Your hardships shape and test you, but always know things will get better. Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us

8. Know who you are - when you know who you are you become ten times stronger. No one can tell you what you are or who you are. It becomes like a bubble to bad and negative energy. This is what I wish all young girls could be taught especially in schools when there is more likely to be bullying. Words cannot penetrate through to you when they are false. You won’t give a thought about false words when you know yourself. So if someone calls you dumb you don't even look up it's just amusing to you. Sometimes a bad relationship or a partner can try to put you down or make you feel unworthy in some way. However, when you truly know you and your worth these words should mean nothing. It's a strength you have to know yourself in your heart and soul you know who you are, and what your good at. What you can work on and what you exceed in and you know you’re not the person they are trying to perceive you as. Don't give it a thought and know yourself you will be a hundred times happierI promise you. 

9. Be kind- Be kind to others, when you do kind things for others you feel good in yourself. Others will generally remember these things and return the favour, but it's important not to expect anything back just do it because you can. Try not to bitch about others too. We all find people annoying, but try not to dwell on being negative or if you do it with someone you trust. This will avoid any drama in your life. Kindness and manners costs nothing a simple smile and a kind word can mean the world to some people. Think about your actions and being good will make you feel happier.

10.You get out what you put in- Honestly, this applies to everything in life. You attract what you give out the energies you give out will be what you attract. So to be happy will attract happiness. Smiling , being positive and upbeat will make other positive happy people gravitate towards you, and in the process making you more happy

Astrological sun chart readings ! Would you like one !

What is a full astrology chart reading
astrological chart reading is a reading from your planets. At the moment you where born all the planets where in different points in correlation to the earth. Depending on where these points where, will show us in which sign your planet was in. For instant your moon could have been in the domain of Capricorn. Most people will know where there Sun fell as its the month you where born in depicts which star sign you are. However the other planets are not so widely read these plants such as Venus for love mercury  for communication , mars for fire passion sex, moon for emotions and all the other planets make up who you are as a unique individual. Each planet means something different to you the obvious one is Venus for love. Where this planet fell when you where born tells us alot about how you love. Who you will find attractive and how you flirt, it could also give a indication of when you will love and if you have hardship in this area or any other area. There is so much that can be told from the different planets many people offern find it very enlightening to have a full reading. As it can shed light on to why you may feel like you do, why you might act as you do ect. It also is abit of fun and very interesting to study as you can alot from a person even before you meet them by there sun chart .. so for dating this can be quite a good tool.

What you will receive
If you do decide you would like a full chart reading you can e-mail me your email address and the areas you are most interested in. Also include birthday time of birth if you know and place of birth so country and town/city. clicking the buy button at the side there is a small charge for the service. As i hope you can appreciate its very time consuming for me, although fascinating for me there's alot of time involved to have to find each planet for every person so a £5.50  $9.24 will occur.  Then you will receive a email with your chart reading in full with each planet being read and what it means to you. If there is a area you are more interested in i will try and give that area more attention but the whole reading will give a very good over view to your individual character. I hope you find it interesting and insightful even for abit of fun or as it was for me very enlightening. Readings are non refundable and you should receive your e mail back with in 5 days :) 

Thank you for all the surport and if you would like a reading go to my website linked here : click here !

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5 things guys notice when you first start dating! (beautification)

Yes lady's men do appreciate our efforts in the beauty department ! You'd be surprised how much they actually notice, especially when you first start dating. This is the time when your first impressions are made. This vital first impression can make or break any on going romances. Not only for us lady's, but men also feel the pressure to look good. Getting there hair cut, cleaning the car and other small but effective things they need to do to make a good first impact. But for us lady's the instant impression is our outer exterior, obviously not the be all and end all. But it is what instantly sends the first impression to our date. 

 Men more so than woman are very visual. A mans first impression is based purely on visuals according to studies. This does not mean however if your externally attractive, but are internally not so or not switched on upstairs, you are going to give off a good impression. But its a good place to start. All men like a woman that looks as though she takes care of herself as this shows she has self worth. She knows she is worth looking after and this subconsciously for men will send a signal saying that she is worth being looked after. Wearing feminine clothing also adds to this for a man. Wearing a dress, heels and a pretty perfume scream femininity and subconsciously will make a man feel more protective towards you.

 So what are the main things guys say are massively attractive, when it comes to all things beauty. Well from talking to male friends and from study's done on this subject the vote was unanimous ! Here are the top five things a guy looks for when first meeting a woman, the things that will instantly make that first impression that much better!

1. Natural makeup
Yes lady`s a massive mistake im even guilty of, is going a little over board with the makeup. Its the first time you meet someone you want to look flawless you don't want there to be a spot , blemish or imperfections on your face. This offern leads us lady's over doing it, but actually evidence shows men much prefer a natural look, for initially  meeting a woman. This means no bright colours for a first date makeup wise. Keep it all very neutral obviously don't change how you are, if you are more flamboyant then go for it, but generally a natural look is most appealing. Keep your lip stick shade natural with a slight pigment of pink or peach. Red lipstick looks amazing, but generally keep this look back for once you have gotten to know a man abit better. For many of us a red lip is not a everyday look so it important to be more natural for your first dates. It is also important with in the first 3-10 dates to think about lipsticks that are not going to be easily wiped off for that first kiss ! Another big point made is skin. Natural looking foundation is key, keep the skin looking healthy and glowy by not over doing the foundation and using a highlighter on the cheek bones and bridge of the nose, to keep that natural dewy finish to the look.

2. Nicely dressed
Some men take a lot off interest in fashion others less so, most may not know different brands so don't worry about getting the Louie vuitton out. What matters more is that your outfit and accessories are well put together. Even on a budget ladies there is no excuse, for not wearing something pretty on your first dates ! Most men generally don't no the difference between one hand bag to the next. Its all about the colour coordinating and have your own style. Men generally prefer a very feminine soft look for first dates. However it really does depend on the type of man your dating. Some could prefer a more edgey look.  I myself shop alot at miss selfridges, new look, bank and lipsy great shops for pretty dresses and simply great style at a reasonable price. You don't need to spend a  fortunate but a new dress and heels can make you feel much more confident. If you feel good you will give out  this energy. And a confident yet feminine lady like woman is very attractive generally speaking. 

3.Enhance those eyes
Eyes are the window to the soul, for many men eyes and smile are key. Our lips are naturally enhanced with lipstick and when we smile it naturally draws attention there. With our eyes using makeup to enchance them brings out the colour. Eyes are key to show sexual chemistry for prolonged looks and bashful looks away the eyes give so much away. It's important to bring them out. I would recommend a natural smokey shadow using brown and nude shades. Mascara is a must, and eye liner,false lashes are optional but I would very much recommend as it very much opens the eye up and draws attention there. 

4.Pretty hair
Keeping your hair tidy and well kept is in keeping with that well groomed look. Not only this but it's a massive flirting tool to give our hair a little play and again it oozes feminity. Natural highlights and shiney hair have always been a classic look. Shiney hair actually shows men that a woman has a lot of estrogen which subconsciously appeals, as it's ment to be a sign a woman is very fertile. Now lady's we all have our own personal tastes when it comes to hair so don't lose your own unique style. Every man likes somthing diffrent, for most men long hair has always been classicly pretty but some like short and edgey. Some men like blonde hair, some like red heads or brunnette others don't really care your not going to appeal to every one. But keeping your hair well kept is a must as typically the genral population of men want a well groomed woman. Straight or big bouncy curls offern are best to go for on a first date.

5. Soft skin 
 Lastly soft skin, soft hands and legs especially. When wearing a dress it's so important to keep the legs nice and soft miousising is key. A top tip that I do and celebs use on the red carpet is baby oil. A hour before you are about to head out just applying 3 to 4 drops to each legs and rub in this gives the skin a nice shine making them look even smoother. Be carful not to apply to close to the feet though as it can make walking in heels abit slippery. 

If you've enjoyed my post today why not join my blog to see when a new article is published. It's completely free. See the side bar > and click join site it takes 2 minuets. Thank you so much for your time and take care.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hair care products I use and recommend !

Hair care products ! 

Being a stylist myself I can appreciate the world of hair care can be very daunting, there are so many products to try. It's hard to no what's good and what isn't. I myself stick to things that work well and are simple not overly complicated . Not all products that are expensive work the best i base products purely on there performance and results. Here are a few of my favourites and feel free to watch my video for more about these products.

Deep conditioning masks

Deep conditioning masks are a must and there are three I'm using at the moment that I'd  highly recommend however I must mention Aussie products as I highly recommend all there products there whole range is a must for me. But moving on to the products I'm using currently,  the first being repair essence uptime mask made with claudia softer. The consistancy is thick it makes the hair feel really well nourished. Also being from Schwarzkopf which is a brand used in salons all over the world you can be confident it will give you great results at a price of just £3.99

Next is macadamia oil deep conditioner this whole range is amazing ! It's richly nourishing for the hair and is I fused with vital nurturiment  and macadamia oil giving the hair all it needs to feel super soft and silky. This range is pricey retailing at around £20 but shop around for this one you may find it chaper this is more for a special treat for your hair.

Finally my go too deep conditioner from tresemme I genrally always go for the heat protecting mask as it's going to repair damage and it adds a little extra defence from that harmful heat. 

Next is a much needed shine spray, if you haven't tried a shine spray before you really should! They add that extra gloss to the hair and especially if where extensions or are a fan of synthetic hair, this products is a must. As it can get our own natural hair to match the shine of the high grade extensions. Ultermatly a fantastic product for getting our hair looking shiney and healthy , which if you didn't know is apprently ment to be a sign to men that we have a lot of estrogen. Meaning you will be good for bareing children. Subconsciously making a man slightly more attracted to you. Interesting random fact for you 🙊 lol. 

Use protection ! 
Yes heat protection is a must for your hair apply it on to damp or wet hair before and blow drying takes place. This is the best way to use a heat protection. Applying to dry hair can cause the hair to be dampened by it meaning more damage can be done. This heat protector goes up to 230 degrees which is enough to provent those dreaded ghd temperatures. A simple formula that works well retailing at £3.99 this is a wonderful buy from vo5

Macadamia oil 
Hair oil in genral is amazing any type, there are so many I love I love argon oil and there's a brand called kitoko oil that I love it's just simple a must have ! There are so many diffrent types it's impossible to choose just one . However this brand by organix is widely available and amazing ! There dry styling oil is what I use to run through curls and waves to give extra shine and tame away frizz. If you haven't invested in a oil already please do it ASAP ! This one for me is one of many but it's good and is one I offern pick up as it is light and not greedy looking . Although with any oil if you overload the product you will end up with greasy hair. It makes the hair feel smooth and healthy retailing at 6.99 it's pretty cheap for a good quality hair oil. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Ardell lashes, Americas leading lashes .. Why are they just so good !

False lashes are amazing in so many ways they add so much more to the "windows to the soul" the eyes. It can give a glamorous look or a more natural enhanced beauty. Which ever way you like your lashes its fair to say false lashes are here to stay ! 

The Birth of the false lash came to be in 1916, it was movie director, D.W. Griffith who originally wanted Seena Owen, the leading lady of his film, "Intolerance", to have glamorous lashes so long they would touch her cheeks. A wig maker wove human hair through fine gauze and stuck them to Owen's eyelids creating the very first set of false eyelashes. Needless to say, women wanted the same glamorous lashes and a trend was born..

So why Ardell ?
Ardell lashes have become the world's leading brand in faux eyelashes, strip lashes and individual lashes with it's stock on the shelves of thousands of retail and professional stores. And its not hard to see why. Ardell for so many users have the most natural looking selection of lashes in there field. Offering several lash styles to fit a consumer's mood, personality and lifestyle. They have become a must have, preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-list celebs. With there 120 Demi whispy lashes being extremely popular due to its natural feathered look.

 What kind of lashes should I get? 
Good question! There are lots of different kinds to choose from. Depending on what sort of look you want there will the perfect lash to suit your style.
More lashes are available

Natural Lashes: Natural lashes should be just that, they should not be noticeable to almost anyone, unless your a lash freak like me ! You can see from comparing these lashes with others that they are much finer strands of hair. These are lashes that are going to give you a boost in length and thickness, but aren't going overboard. Perfect for daytime outings they enhance the natural look. Adding a slight touch of glamour with out looking as though your wearing lashes. Numbers 108 , 112 ,121,124,123,110,109 are all considered more of a natural range. You can also buy small accent lashes that just give a little extra length to the corners of the eye as shown below. These again are more natural as there a half set if you have never tried lashes before this is probably the best option to go for.
Natural full lashes: These lashes for me are my personal style. They are natural looking but they will give a much more fuller and thicker look. They have a little more drama than the natural lashes but can still be worn for a day look. Equally they can be worn for a night look as for many of us, we don't want it to look obvious we are wearing lashes, but do want just a bit more of a boost in that eye area. Numbers 118,117,Demi 120, 102 Demi, 122,119,113 are considered a fuller natural.

Full Lashes: These lashes are obviously much thicker than the natural lashes. These lashes for most are too heavy for everyday wear, But they are actually great for photos (especially distance shots). It's the same principle as theater makeup the further away people are from you, the bolder the stage makeup has to be in order to look right. If you were doing full body photos, these lashes would stand out much more, than the natural lashes would at a distance. These lashes also have a more blunt and even shape to the tips. Ardell do have more of a range than shown in this photo above, heavy lashes from this picture would be numbers 115 show girl,111,107,103,106,105, 101 Demi whispies.

Long & Short Lashes: This category of lashes has a bold pattern of longer and shorter lashes. Some may contain criss-crossed lashes, some may be straight, but the pronounced difference in tip length is their biggest feature.These can vary a lot they can be quite natural like the demi whispies 120 or they can be very dramatic looking like the show girl 115.

Individual Lashes:  These lashes come in different lengths and are attached individually until the lashline is full. These lashes do take longer to put on, but they look more natural where your eyelid meets your lashline. If you are a first time user i would stick to strip lashes but if you have a steady hand or a good friend these could be perfect for you !