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Best self tanners reviews !

Best self tanners for the summer. Reviewing each tan for the value for money, colour and general finish of each product. Each self tanner I have used in the past two years. Some I have discontinued using others I use regularly and here are my honest opinions and reviews for each ! 

Remember when using tan to apply using a glove or mit to avoid dark hands and to exfoliate before use. Moisturizer every couple of days after use or at least the fourth day after wearing the tan for long lasting best results. Remember the fade will be more dramatic depending on how dark you go with your tan. A tan just a couple of shades darker will always fade less noticeably than a very dark tan.

Top 3 tanners at the bottom of the page with links where to buy !

St moriz

Type: Gradual/ instant
Pice: £4.99
Consistency: mousse 
Application time : 4-6hr for colour to develop
Colour: Comes in three different shades light to dark gives a even brown colour with olive under tones. Not much of a orange tint but more of a olive green. Can be light and natural or very dark and deep.
Long lasting : a week - to a week and a half.
Fade: Fade will show after a week and a half and will need a good scrub and exfoliate. It generally will come off first in the creases of your skin. You will need to get all old product off with this tan before applying the tan again.
Rating: 9/10


Type: Gradual
Price: £5.99
Consistency: Cream
Application: 2 or 3 times for a deeper tan. Over the corse of a week making for a long lasting tan.
Colour: Brown with a medium orange tone not overly orange. More applications the darker the colour becomes light to medium genrally. 4-6hrs over night before showering.
Long lasting : Can last up to 2 weeks or slightly more if applications are spread over a couple a weeks but the colour won't be so intense. Very natural looking. 
Fade: Good fade it will start to fade at about a week and a half,but will be a more natural fade with light exfoliation needed. I would surguest with this tan to remove all old product before applying a new layer.
Rating: 7.5/10


Type: Gradual
Price: £6.99
Consistency: Cream
Colour: Natural tan colour brown slight orange tint but not unnaturally so. Darker with each application generally a medium tan. I Really love how natural this tan looks one of my favorites as its moisturizing too. Colour can be seen from 4 hrs of wearing but should be left on for at least 6 hrs for a light to medium tan. But remember these tans are build-able.
Long lasting : 2 weeks.
Fade: Fade is pretty natural will start to fade after about a week and a half and will need a light exfoliation before reapplying. Reapplying with this tan is very good to as it will blend with any product left on the skin. Also old product when you next exfoliate will come off but the new tan will be left underneath so exfoliating all the old tan off isnt a must with this tan as its a blending tan.


Type: Instant/Gradual
PriceAny where from £15.00 Shop around for this one.
Colour: Different colours you can buy light to dark all tan have a olive undertone like the st mortiz in fact its very similar to the st mortiz tanner in many ways. 4hr-6hr
Long lasting : About a week and a half
Fading: Again very simular to the st mortiz tan it will come of in the creases of the skin first and need to be thoroughly exfoliated off before applying a new layer.
Rating: 8.5/10

Sun labs

Type: gradual
Price: Tan bottle around £25 but do shop around.
Consistency: Cream
Colour: Colour is lovley very natural and olivey. Come in light to dark shades. Smells like cherry's really is one of the nicest smelling tans you will find. Again 4hr-6hr before any colour change will occur. This one also have a exfoliate and tan extender in the range but can be sold separate. 
Fade : Fade is really good with this product it fades more naturally and is a bendable tan so if any old product isn't exfoliated off properly the new tan will penetrate underneath so exfoliation doesnt have to be so harsh. 
Long lasting : 2 and half weeks
Rating: 9/10

Sally henson- Air brush legs

Type: Instant
Price: £8.99
Consistency: spray
Colour: slightly orange tint to it but nice and brown its a makeup for the legs so its really camouflages any imperfections on the skin and gives a nice even coverage.
Long lasting : This product is a instant tanner so its not made to be long lasting more just for a night out. It is water resistant though so dont be worried if it starts raining too much. You do need to apply shower gel to really remove it.
Fade: Wash off.

Garnier summer body

Colour: slightly orange glow to this tan but it is a fairly natural tan in the sense of its not to dark.
Long lasting : Good for 2 weeks
Fade: Natural fade with light exfoilation.

St Moriz Instant tan

Type: Instant
Price £4.99
Consistancy: gel/cream
Colour: Nice rich brown dont be scared with how dark it comes out it need to be well rubbed in
Long lasting :This product is a instant tanner so its not made to be long lasting more just for a night out. It is water resistant, not quite as resistant as the sally henson leg makep so if it starts raining i would be cautious with this product. 
Rating: 8/10

Top Three !

Great build-able gradual tanner really natural colour from Palmers and my ultimate favorite Buy here Offer on!
St Moriz amazing mousse tanner really competes with st tropez and as its alot cheaper and basically the exact same thing its my second favorite tanner to use. Buy Here !

A higher end product but delivers higher end results really enjoy this tan this smell and long lasting nice natural fade make this tanner a much loved faviourt of mine. Buy Here !


Had to mention this product as for a instant tanner this would be my one of choice my top three are comprized or graduals so this is my choice for a instant wash off :) 

Hope that was helpful enjoy your summer glow ! Have a beautiful day !  

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