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5 things guys notice when you first start dating! (beautification)

Yes lady's men do appreciate our efforts in the beauty department ! You'd be surprised how much they actually notice, especially when you first start dating. This is the time when your first impressions are made. This vital first impression can make or break any on going romances. Not only for us lady's, but men also feel the pressure to look good. Getting there hair cut, cleaning the car and other small but effective things they need to do to make a good first impact. But for us lady's the instant impression is our outer exterior, obviously not the be all and end all. But it is what instantly sends the first impression to our date. 

 Men more so than woman are very visual. A mans first impression is based purely on visuals according to studies. This does not mean however if your externally attractive, but are internally not so or not switched on upstairs, you are going to give off a good impression. But its a good place to start. All men like a woman that looks as though she takes care of herself as this shows she has self worth. She knows she is worth looking after and this subconsciously for men will send a signal saying that she is worth being looked after. Wearing feminine clothing also adds to this for a man. Wearing a dress, heels and a pretty perfume scream femininity and subconsciously will make a man feel more protective towards you.

 So what are the main things guys say are massively attractive, when it comes to all things beauty. Well from talking to male friends and from study's done on this subject the vote was unanimous ! Here are the top five things a guy looks for when first meeting a woman, the things that will instantly make that first impression that much better!

1. Natural makeup
Yes lady`s a massive mistake im even guilty of, is going a little over board with the makeup. Its the first time you meet someone you want to look flawless you don't want there to be a spot , blemish or imperfections on your face. This offern leads us lady's over doing it, but actually evidence shows men much prefer a natural look, for initially  meeting a woman. This means no bright colours for a first date makeup wise. Keep it all very neutral obviously don't change how you are, if you are more flamboyant then go for it, but generally a natural look is most appealing. Keep your lip stick shade natural with a slight pigment of pink or peach. Red lipstick looks amazing, but generally keep this look back for once you have gotten to know a man abit better. For many of us a red lip is not a everyday look so it important to be more natural for your first dates. It is also important with in the first 3-10 dates to think about lipsticks that are not going to be easily wiped off for that first kiss ! Another big point made is skin. Natural looking foundation is key, keep the skin looking healthy and glowy by not over doing the foundation and using a highlighter on the cheek bones and bridge of the nose, to keep that natural dewy finish to the look.

2. Nicely dressed
Some men take a lot off interest in fashion others less so, most may not know different brands so don't worry about getting the Louie vuitton out. What matters more is that your outfit and accessories are well put together. Even on a budget ladies there is no excuse, for not wearing something pretty on your first dates ! Most men generally don't no the difference between one hand bag to the next. Its all about the colour coordinating and have your own style. Men generally prefer a very feminine soft look for first dates. However it really does depend on the type of man your dating. Some could prefer a more edgey look.  I myself shop alot at miss selfridges, new look, bank and lipsy great shops for pretty dresses and simply great style at a reasonable price. You don't need to spend a  fortunate but a new dress and heels can make you feel much more confident. If you feel good you will give out  this energy. And a confident yet feminine lady like woman is very attractive generally speaking. 

3.Enhance those eyes
Eyes are the window to the soul, for many men eyes and smile are key. Our lips are naturally enhanced with lipstick and when we smile it naturally draws attention there. With our eyes using makeup to enchance them brings out the colour. Eyes are key to show sexual chemistry for prolonged looks and bashful looks away the eyes give so much away. It's important to bring them out. I would recommend a natural smokey shadow using brown and nude shades. Mascara is a must, and eye liner,false lashes are optional but I would very much recommend as it very much opens the eye up and draws attention there. 

4.Pretty hair
Keeping your hair tidy and well kept is in keeping with that well groomed look. Not only this but it's a massive flirting tool to give our hair a little play and again it oozes feminity. Natural highlights and shiney hair have always been a classic look. Shiney hair actually shows men that a woman has a lot of estrogen which subconsciously appeals, as it's ment to be a sign a woman is very fertile. Now lady's we all have our own personal tastes when it comes to hair so don't lose your own unique style. Every man likes somthing diffrent, for most men long hair has always been classicly pretty but some like short and edgey. Some men like blonde hair, some like red heads or brunnette others don't really care your not going to appeal to every one. But keeping your hair well kept is a must as typically the genral population of men want a well groomed woman. Straight or big bouncy curls offern are best to go for on a first date.

5. Soft skin 
 Lastly soft skin, soft hands and legs especially. When wearing a dress it's so important to keep the legs nice and soft miousising is key. A top tip that I do and celebs use on the red carpet is baby oil. A hour before you are about to head out just applying 3 to 4 drops to each legs and rub in this gives the skin a nice shine making them look even smoother. Be carful not to apply to close to the feet though as it can make walking in heels abit slippery. 

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