Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cloud nine straightners

Working in a salon from the young ages of 14 I have seen many hair trends come and go. However one that is defiantly here to stay is straightening. Ghds for the past 5 years have been the hair tool of choice, but now there's a new kid on the block. Shown here by model Sam Reece you may know from the boohoo.com adverts cloud nine straightners are fast becoming the new iron of choice.

There are many diffrent straightners available from cloud nine the c9 touch being a very popular choice. Priced at £99, allows you to switch between temperatures of 195 degrees, which Cloud Nine says is the optimum temperature for medium to thick hair, and 165 degrees, to suit those with fine hair, simply by clicking the plates together three times.The straighteners switch off automatically after 30 seconds' inactivity, but touching the plates together just once will start them at full power again.

Cloud Nine calls the C9 Touch the fastest iron available on the market today. Heating up within 15 seconds of switching on. An LED indicator located inside the straighteners below the plates glows red when the temperature is at 195 degrees and blue when it's at 165 degrees. Its a comfortable weight to hold and well balanced when styling your hair. It features mineral-infused ceramic plates, which Cloud Nine claims naturally polish hair to give it a high shine. And I would very much agree ! 

Hope this was helpful and for me it's a must hair straightners between this and ghds which I also own I would choose cloud nine.


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