Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hair care products I use and recommend !

Hair care products ! 

Being a stylist myself I can appreciate the world of hair care can be very daunting, there are so many products to try. It's hard to no what's good and what isn't. I myself stick to things that work well and are simple not overly complicated . Not all products that are expensive work the best i base products purely on there performance and results. Here are a few of my favourites and feel free to watch my video for more about these products.

Deep conditioning masks

Deep conditioning masks are a must and there are three I'm using at the moment that I'd  highly recommend however I must mention Aussie products as I highly recommend all there products there whole range is a must for me. But moving on to the products I'm using currently,  the first being repair essence uptime mask made with claudia softer. The consistancy is thick it makes the hair feel really well nourished. Also being from Schwarzkopf which is a brand used in salons all over the world you can be confident it will give you great results at a price of just £3.99

Next is macadamia oil deep conditioner this whole range is amazing ! It's richly nourishing for the hair and is I fused with vital nurturiment  and macadamia oil giving the hair all it needs to feel super soft and silky. This range is pricey retailing at around £20 but shop around for this one you may find it chaper this is more for a special treat for your hair.

Finally my go too deep conditioner from tresemme I genrally always go for the heat protecting mask as it's going to repair damage and it adds a little extra defence from that harmful heat. 

Next is a much needed shine spray, if you haven't tried a shine spray before you really should! They add that extra gloss to the hair and especially if where extensions or are a fan of synthetic hair, this products is a must. As it can get our own natural hair to match the shine of the high grade extensions. Ultermatly a fantastic product for getting our hair looking shiney and healthy , which if you didn't know is apprently ment to be a sign to men that we have a lot of estrogen. Meaning you will be good for bareing children. Subconsciously making a man slightly more attracted to you. Interesting random fact for you 🙊 lol. 

Use protection ! 
Yes heat protection is a must for your hair apply it on to damp or wet hair before and blow drying takes place. This is the best way to use a heat protection. Applying to dry hair can cause the hair to be dampened by it meaning more damage can be done. This heat protector goes up to 230 degrees which is enough to provent those dreaded ghd temperatures. A simple formula that works well retailing at £3.99 this is a wonderful buy from vo5

Macadamia oil 
Hair oil in genral is amazing any type, there are so many I love I love argon oil and there's a brand called kitoko oil that I love it's just simple a must have ! There are so many diffrent types it's impossible to choose just one . However this brand by organix is widely available and amazing ! There dry styling oil is what I use to run through curls and waves to give extra shine and tame away frizz. If you haven't invested in a oil already please do it ASAP ! This one for me is one of many but it's good and is one I offern pick up as it is light and not greedy looking . Although with any oil if you overload the product you will end up with greasy hair. It makes the hair feel smooth and healthy retailing at 6.99 it's pretty cheap for a good quality hair oil. 

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