Saturday, 23 August 2014

5 top nails polishes


About : opi has been used in salons for decades. Yes with out a doubt opi has made a name for itself as being a leading brand of nail polish. The varity of  colours are amazing and no ones polish collection is complete without a few opi treats in your collection.

Why is it so good : chip resistance is a massive facter with this polish it can last a good amount of time. On average 7 to 10 days which for a normal polish is great. The glitter polishes as well as being stunning can last even longer. High shine and lasting finish makes this polish a must.

Retail price per polish : between £8-£15

Rating: 9.5/10


About: Jessica is another salon favourite. It too has been used in salons across the world as a leading brand. A nail technicians favourite Jessica has been in business for over 20 years. 

Why is it so good: Jessica has a really lovley finish it's glossy and keeps it's shine. Although it has a slower drying time in my opinion the mani or pedi will last a good full week.

Retail price per polish : £8-£15


Rimmels 60 seconds

About: rimmels 60 second polish has only been around for the last 4 years but hasn't it just taken the polish world by storm ! They say a girl is only helpless while her nails are drying well now it only takes a minuet with the second seconds dry time.

Why is it so good: obviously the main quality of this polish is the quick dry time. However I love the amount of colours there are in the range. Not only this but the finish is very shiney and could be mistaken with any high end polish. It does chip but it actually stays fairly well compared to most high street polishes.

Retail price per polish: £4.99-6.99

Rating: 8/10

Models own

About: models own is a fairly new brand of polish well known in America it's only recently been seen on the uk market. 

What makes it so good: again this brand had an amazing colour range. However what makes this range stand out is it's multi tonel range, where the colour alters in the light. This freature isn't unique to models own, but it is done incredibley well. There glitter polishes also are highly pigmented and lasts fairly well. One down point to the glitter polish they do take a long time to dry. Many a time I have become in patient and smudge my nails. 

Retail price per polish : £4.99-£6.99

Rating: 8/10

No 7 stay perfect 

About: No 7 has always done fantastic quality makeup and polishes, but has never been classed as a high end brand. It lies at the top end of a high street branding. No 7 has been around for decades and the polishes have developed over time.

What makes it so good: This polish lasts really well (a good full week). It has a nice shiney finish and is fairly chip resistant. Really classy colours is the only way to describe the colour selection and the drying time is fairly good.

Retail price per polish: £6.99-£8.99

Rating: 8/10

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