Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Astrological sun chart readings ! Would you like one !

What is a full astrology chart reading
astrological chart reading is a reading from your planets. At the moment you where born all the planets where in different points in correlation to the earth. Depending on where these points where, will show us in which sign your planet was in. For instant your moon could have been in the domain of Capricorn. Most people will know where there Sun fell as its the month you where born in depicts which star sign you are. However the other planets are not so widely read these plants such as Venus for love mercury  for communication , mars for fire passion sex, moon for emotions and all the other planets make up who you are as a unique individual. Each planet means something different to you the obvious one is Venus for love. Where this planet fell when you where born tells us alot about how you love. Who you will find attractive and how you flirt, it could also give a indication of when you will love and if you have hardship in this area or any other area. There is so much that can be told from the different planets many people offern find it very enlightening to have a full reading. As it can shed light on to why you may feel like you do, why you might act as you do ect. It also is abit of fun and very interesting to study as you can alot from a person even before you meet them by there sun chart .. so for dating this can be quite a good tool.

What you will receive
If you do decide you would like a full chart reading you can e-mail me your email address and the areas you are most interested in. Also include birthday time of birth if you know and place of birth so country and town/city. Susiex92@hotmail.com clicking the buy button at the side there is a small charge for the service. As i hope you can appreciate its very time consuming for me, although fascinating for me there's alot of time involved to have to find each planet for every person so a £5.50  $9.24 will occur.  Then you will receive a email with your chart reading in full with each planet being read and what it means to you. If there is a area you are more interested in i will try and give that area more attention but the whole reading will give a very good over view to your individual character. I hope you find it interesting and insightful even for abit of fun or as it was for me very enlightening. Readings are non refundable and you should receive your e mail back with in 5 days :) 

Thank you for all the surport and if you would like a reading go to my website linked here : click here !


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