Monday, 1 December 2014

Makeup look- Brown and deep purple!

Purple brown shades perfect for the winter months. 

Face :

Foundation bonjourist healthy mix.
Contour sleek pallet.
Highlight moonbeam benefit.
Blush peaches mac.


Light colour in corner by collection 2000 nude pallet (middle light shade)
Deep brown in crease collection 200 nude pallet (top darkest brown blended well)
Deep purple shade from a un named pallet but any deep purple will do.
Mascara maxfactor false lash effect


Liner Estée Lauder double wear in spice
Lipstick Creme caramel 24hr maybeline (looks like a gloss long lasting) 

Earings - old from new look

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Golden makeup look for Autumn !

Golden makeup look, perfect for autumn. Here are the products used :


Estée Lauder foundation and bonjouist healthy mix no powder for a dewy finish.
Sleek contour on cheek bones.
Rosey blush by collection 2000.


Maybelline golden tattoo eye shadow.
Golden sparkle by leoreal.
Collection 2000 pallet, brown golden colour in the crease.
Leoreal telescopic mascara.


Ardell Demi whispies.

Estée Lauder double wear in spice.
Lipstick maybeline 24hr in Creme caramel mixed with soft taupe.


Straighten with ghds.
Styles with osmo shine spray.
Hair sprayed with silhouette hair spray.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Weight loss tips

Tips to help you lose more weight with healthy eating and excise !

1. Drink lots of water before and after meals, this makes the stomach feel fuller.
2. Drink green tea it reduces appetite, do this after a meal to stop snacking.
3. If you snack, snack on things like celery or cucumber because the energy taken to eat these things actually burns the calories these foods contain. Meaning it's as if you haven't snacked.
4. Join a gym class this is offern easier than going alone.
5. Get a friend to join you in your mission to lose weight. This especially works if your competitive.
6. Eat small and often instead of 3 big meal 5 meals the size of your fist is actually better, because it get your matabalism working faster.
7. Seek advice from a netrientist on what you should eat to help with your persific aims. Lots of salad, nuts,fruits,chicken and eggs are a must. Also fish they have so much goodness.
8. Wear tight clothes in your free time to make you aware of your physique this will help you push your tummy in and in turn tone it it. 
9. Ofcorse going to the gym at least twice a week this I promise you will make you feel so much better and no toning will happen with out exercise.
10. Prepapare meals to stick to your diet plan.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween makeup !

Something abit diffrent for the Halloween season a cracked living/dead doll makeup. Not only is this look abit unusual it also alows us to not only show a slightly freeky scarey side but actually a little glimpse of beautiful makeup in the living side. This for any makeup geek is a fun thing to play around with and will look great for Halloween if your not wanting to go down the blood and gore theme. 

Here's how it's done : 

Step 1: apply foundation to a 1/4 of your face whiten 3/4 of the face neck and chest.
Step 2: apply black eye liner in jagged lines to form what looks like a crack.
Step 3: use red lipstick as dolls genrally have darker lips.
Step 4: use a pick/red blush on the apple of your cheek.
Step 5: use false eyelash on the alive eye and a light brown eye shadow on the lid.
Step 6: use a darker brown in the crease of you eye.
Step 7: use this darker shade under the eye slightly too.
Step 8: darken brow and shape.
Step 9: set with powder and setting spray
Step 10: step back and admire your work 😉

Hope this was inspiring for some of you and and have a wonderful Halloween ! 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Makeup do's and don'ts

Today I thought I'd do a really quick post on makeup mistakes ! Simple things that we all need to be aware of when applying the makeup!

1. Your makeup is not a mask, use it to enhance you not cover you.
2. Even I am guilty of over caking when a dreaded spot appears but remenber less is more.
3. Your eyebrows are meant to be made of hair not powder and certainly not eye liner. Remenber to just lightly enhance don't fake what isn't natural. (In all aspects of life 🙊)
4. Lips big lips are where it's at now in the beauty world but don't over draw to much natural is key.
5. Do you naturally blush like that ? Blusher should be a hint of colour like a pinch to the cheek more than a thump to the face. Avoid harsh reds and apply not just to the apples but up to the hair line.
6. Your foundation should match your neck and blend seamlessly down.
7. Natural eye shadow shades are recommended to a more sultry eye don't go for to many over the top colours unless the rest of the face is neutral.
8. Don't go too light under the eyes. Yes go lighter there but not to the point of it being a obvious triangle of white.
9. Contour naturally we don't want to see brown lines everywhere!
10. Always smile no amount of makeup can change how pretty it is to see a smile!

Thanks for reading beauties ! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Organic beauty !

Organic beauty is somthing many of us love and i adore organic beauty ! But what is it exactly? Well it's beauty based products that contain no nasty chemicals or harsh ingredients. Not only this but most organic products are genrally ethically made and tested. Meaning products will be cruelty free with no animal testing. They also promote a fair trade philophy paying a fair price for stock, Ingredents ect this helps third world country's and any product promoting fair trade is taking slightly less money for themselves in order to do the right thing for disadvanged country's. This should be highly commended. Many of these types of products are considered better for the skin and genral well being. Most if not all ingredients come naturally from the earth, being so natural and chemical free you can see why people love organic ranges. In this article I have included some organic products that not only offer organic luxary but are genuinely fantastic well working products in there own right organic or not.

So starting of with skin care. This part of beauty is very important all the creams, lotions and potions you put on your skin are absorbed into dermis. A face full of chemicals and pollutants is needless to say not doing you any good. Natural products and extracts will go into the deeper layer of your skin and actually help mend, restore and strength the skin in a natural way. Pure&light is a beautiful range of organic skin products, making a Big bag into the beauty world with over 27 certified luxary organic Ingredents in some of there formulas. Their face creams, serums and lotions combat a number of problems not just one or two. Not only this but all pure&light products have no parabens, artificial ingredients, fragrances or Gbms. 

Pure&light say:

"We do believe that skin care should be simple. So we have brought in a new concept of purity and simplicity into the skin care market. Our organic skin care range is simple to use. Although simple to use and it looks simple there is years of study, hard work and experience behind them to bring you a simple solution for having a product which balances and stimulates cell production, production of collagen, skin renewal, sebum control, and so on, without concerning you with any of the details and just wanting you to enjoy the scent and the positive effects of our organic skin care range on your skin and the positive side effect which they bring to your emotions. Making it a simple and happy way."

Trailing thiese products for house of coco I personally have had amazing results not only do the products smell great, look great and feel great. They actually work ! My skin felt wonderfully hydrated, smoother and just more raident with a healthy glow. House of coco would defiantly recommend them  and would make great presents for yes I'm about it say it ... Christmas ! Click here to go straight to there website

Next we come to a wonderful organic product for hair colouring ! Having worked in salon throughout my life I have always loved the concept of a hair colour that would be completely natural. Not only do normal hair colours smell, occasionally irritate the scalp and don't get me started on the stinging they cause our eyes. Natural hair colour is always going to be so much better. In fact it is a technique that has been around for century's with herbal and henna dye being seen right back to agent Egyptian times. But non more widely accessible to the u.k market than khadi. Khadi offers an amazing array of colours which come in a powder form all you have to do is add water and your away ! 

Khadi is not only 100% herbal and certified a natural cosmetic, I truly feel you get a lot for your money. Yes it isn't the conventional way of home hair colouring, but in my professional opinion for home use it's a better way. Trying this on my own hair doing just my root area I was able to use the product five times. It gave me a beautiful shine and really made my hair feel soft and conditioned. For more information or other beautiful gifts please do not hesitate to check out the khadi website.

Soaps and sanitisers. Dr bronners magic soaps and fair trade products are getting more and more well known to the u.k market not only really good value for money but they smell amazing! Currently being rolled out in all tescos in the u.k. The packaging reflects the fair trade image with most product being wraped in paper there is somthing really pleasing about holding these products and the sense your doing good in the world is very satisfying. 

The product it's self smells delicious ! They do just as it says on the packet each soap liquid or bar form has a diffrent essential oils in them. This makes the smell beyond beautiful and it's quite a lasting fragrance with I myself really like. The spray sanitizer in lavender smelt amazing I wouldn't use any other spray on sanitizer after trying this one. It's travel sized, fair trade, doesn't make you hands feel gooey and again the smell is just beautiful. There are so many product I. This range that I am yet to try from soaps to shampoos but one things for sure I will defiantly be re buying this organic fair trade wonder product ! Again for more information check out the website or head to a local stockist.

The final product I have tried and tested in organic beauty is actually somthing I never thought possible. Organic nail varnish ! Zoya for many is quite a well known brand of polish but not everyone is actually aware of there ethics behind the product. Not only does the Zoya  last really well making my manicure last a grand total of 7 days un chipped it's safe and natural. I was very pleasantly surprised that there are no nasty polish smells and the colour range is just amazing ! There really isn't much more to say about this product other than this is fantastic quality nail varnish at it's best. With the added bonous of it being safe and natural. At a reasonable price be sure to check out there website for more information

So thank you for reading and I hope that's tempted you to try some amazing organic beauty products ! Hit the like button at the bottum of this post if you would be interested in here about organic makeup ! 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Be your beautiful self !

Here is a inner beauty topic i really have wanted to write on for some time ! Being un-apologetically you ! Letting your true self shine through no matter how nervous,shy or what pressures you may have on you to conform to what others see as usual or "the norm".I should note this is completely my own personal opinion and has been requested to me numerous times by my lovely readers. So today I felt i would give you my view on being yourself, also touching on how to be confident after you've had a knock down as many of you lady's have requested

In the age that we live in there are a lot of pressures to conform to the stereo types of the modern world. Every day we are subjected to this false idea of what is normal and how we should be. I find more and more of us are oppressing our natural selves and acting in a way to follow the trends we see. Ofern these trends coming from social media, television and just generally what we are subjected to as normal behavior.

 However its really important to truly know how beautiful it is to be uniquely you ! I find people who have different interests, talents and quirks are the best people you could ever meet. I feel strongly that you should never loose yourself in the crowd. In fact while everyone is doing the same dance, if your the one doing your own steps you stand out the most. 

What im trying to say in simple terms is don't be afraid to be different, be silly, be playful. Be whatever you want, if it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes you happy do it! For me i think alot of the stereo types we are suppose to look up to aren't very helpful to us. They promote alot of things that for centuries have been frowned upon. The morals that have always been there today are generally lost in this quest to conform to the stereo type.

 For some people this kind of lifestyle works for them and if its what you want then go for it . I don't want to judge peoples life choices. However from my own view point i really have to say that in a world where so many people act in the same trends going out every weekend, being promiscuous, having lower levels of self respect and worth. You will shine brighter than anyone if you don't conform. Im just saying treat yourself like you'd want your daughter be treated like. People will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated.

Coming to the second issue. Sometimes people don't see that worth no matter how lovley you are as a person. Some people just won't treat you quite how you hoped, knock downs can be hard to take. But truly know within your soul that they where never worth you. Be it a friendship or a relationship if someone treated you badly, put you down, hurt your heart or let you down have a belief that they where never as good as you had thought them to be. Confidence is a inner believe that you as a person are enough. You are good enough, beautiful enough, clever enough. You are enough for anyone because you are the best version of yourself. There will never be anyone who can be you or do you better because you are the only one. 

So for tips on confidence I would say to get comfortable in your skin. Truly understand that you are a diamond and they are rare to find. If somone hurts you and tries to lower that inner peace and confidence with horrible words or unexplained actions. Know that it's a fault within them not you. 

Some people secretly like drama anyone that wants to bring you drama is below you. In my teens I had a lot of drama,  some of which was self inflicted. Some of which was brought to my door.  I had a couple of unhealthy relationships. At one point I felt as though I loved two people and caused them both pain believe me when I say I no I'm not perfect no one is. We all go through dramas, ups and downs. Believe me Iv delt with so much drama in my younger years it would be enough for several lifetimes :p but there are people who live for these ups and downs who love to chase and play games. Iv been there. But believe me these people just aren't ready yet.

This is no reflection on yourself they are just not in the right place in there life's. I use to be one of these people, but as you get older you actually realise that life isn't about drama. It's about love being the best version of yourself. Surporting your partner to reach both of your goals. It's about the beauty of every day making every day the best. When you get married you will not want unnecessary drama then you will want quiet self bettering happiness. You will want to be with the person that makes you better makes you work harder. For some people this state of mind is not reached till later on in life. Seems to be very late for some men now days. 

A lot of relationships work out if the timing is right, some things where just never meant to be. And again that's no reflection on you as a person. As the saying goes somthings fall apart for better things to come together. I truly believe that. For me moving on becomes very easy. Not because I didn't love or care for the person but simply because if I ended it I no I gave it all the time it deserved I would of done all I could. Or if they ended it they just weren't right for me and they will not have truly seen the value in me that another man would. So it makes it easy to move on. I have been called heartless before, but when you truly no your own value you don't dwell on people who don't. You move on. Not to anyone may I add they will have to be special have somthing going for them but these people come along May not be today or next week but he will be there when the times right.

Relationships be it friendships, romantically or work related are the biggest causes of low self esteem. So truly think bout who your spending your time around. Are they deserving of you? There won't be many that you can whole hearted say yes to. Don't give anyone your valuable time who doesn't deserve you. But when you do give someone that time be nothing but yourself. At least you will no you where always true to yourself.

And always know you are enough ! 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Bryt skin care !

BRYT Skincare is a relatively new skin care range, providing skin care for youthful skin. The products are specifically targeted towards young adults between the ages of 13-25.  I have been so impressed with this range of products, we wanted to give it the praise it deserves and we're sure it wont be long before this line of products is common place in every salon/spa in the UK. It's what young skin has been waiting for and it's so refreshing to see a brand targeting skin prevention instead of anti-ageing when damage had already be caused. As the well know phase goes... prevention is always better than cure. 
BRYT skincare's philosophy is their belief that paying attention to your skin throughout your early life will ensure your skin is healthy, fresh and clear, with long-lasting benefits.
BRYT say that 'good healthy skin gives us all an air of confidence and well-being and is especially important when we perhaps feel a little vulnerable in other areas of our lives.'
We couldn't agree more!
As teenagers and young adults, our bodies are going through a time of transition and our skin is so often a reflection of that change. That's why BRYT Skincare has created this collection of products to help re-establish and maintain the skin’s natural equilibrium, especially as we grow into young adults.
Not only this but BRYT's skincare range protects the skin from free radicals, pollution, sun, wind, rain, heat and cold and dietary toxins (collectively called free radicals), as these hazardous elements on young skin can have hugely detrimental effects on skin as we mature.
From my own personal trail on the products, using the four step system of makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer and calming serum. I have had great results with my skin. But before getting into the benefits. I was really impressed with how the products arrived to me, nicely wrapped and packaged in tissue paper it was like opening a present! The information booklet that comes with the products is also very helpful. Its full of information and actually gives you the step by step instructions on the best way to optimize the use of your BRYT products. Not only this but it goes into the the pacific reasons why they use what they use in there products. Which for a avid beauty blogger like myself this is fantastic. Theirs information  id never heard before.. which is great! 

As for the skin analysis my skin is oily combination skin and there are different products for different skin types so it is good to know your skin before purchasing. All the products worked really well doing exactly what they state. I was particularly impressed with the calm serum, which balanced out my skin not only did it really work for me, but the products themselves smell amazing. (That spa like smell). 

All and all my trail of the products over the month have been very positive iv noticed a diffrence within a month and i have no doubt i would see more over time. These are products that you feel good using you know they are genrally doing you good as there natural based and havent got any chemicals you really dont need in  you skin.

So happy using !

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lara Croft inspired look.

Lara croft look perfect simple and quick makeup . 

Face base :
Primer : Pore fection from benefit.
Foundation: A mix of maybellines 24hr and georgio armarnis designer lift.
Brush : Mac 366

Contour/highlite and blush :
Countour: Sleek pallet in dark.
Blush: Bronzer from Rimmel. Mixed with a small amount of pink blush. 
Highlight : Moonbeam benefit.

Shadows: Base colour, natural tan Rimmel. With seeks contour colour in dark used in the crease.
Eyeliner: Bobbie browns gel liner in black.
Mascara: Clump defy by Rimmel.

Lip liner: Twany by rimmel
Lipstick: A blend of Creme Carmel and Pink spice by maybellines 24 hr collection.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

All about threading !

Threading is one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. It originated in Turkey, although it is currently most popular in India and other parts of the Middle East. Today, threading is also gaining popularity in Western cosmetology. It is widely seen in malls and shops all over America and England. My sister actually works in house of Fraser doing eyebrow threading. It is extremely popular and growing more and more so.

Threading involves the practitioner rolling twisted cotton threads over hairlines to remove unwanted hair. To do this, the threader holds one end of a cotton thread between her teeth and the other in her left hand. The middle part of the thread is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand. 
The loop is used to trap unwanted hair so that it can be easily plucked from the skin. This is a difficult technique that takes practitioners many months to perfect.As with all methods of body hair removal, there are both advantages and disadvantages to threading.
Perfect threading
  • Threading lasts longer than most hair removal methods, barring laser removal which is a permanent procedure.
  • Threading is much healthier for the skin than waxing, and it creates no ingrown hairs
  • It is inexpensive and fast
  • Threading is suitable for all skin types, even those too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing.
  • It takes no more than 15 minutes to thread both eyebrows.
  • No chemicals are used in threading, so there is no risk of a negative reaction.
  • The results of the treatment last for two to four weeks


  • The process is a little uncomfortable as it like plucking a few hairs at a time.
  • Threading only works on flat surfaces and does not work on bikini lines or knees. But really shouldnt be carried out any where other than the face.

So that's my run down about threading its my preferred method of hair removal and it really does last well. Make sure your threader understands exactly what shape you want and asks you regularly to look in a mirror to see how your shape is looking. If you are nervous about it please let your threader no this will insure they take extra care and will hand you the mirro more offern. Then all that's left to do is enjoy your lovely perfect crisp shaped brows! 

Happy Threading !!!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Use protection !

Heat protection that is ! No don't worry we aren't going into sex education today.  

Yes heat protection is banged on about all the time in the hair and beauty world. Being a salon working stylist doing my own clientele I would hope that I can offer some valuable knowledge on this subject. The truth is heat protection is ultimately a good thing BUT ! Alot of are unaware of how to properly use it and this is when damage can occur.

 Heat protection should always be applied on to wet or damp hair it should be left to settle in the hair and then blow dried in. Heat protection on dry hair is when it can get a little more complicated. So ultimately the best way to apply is to allow the heat protectant to settle in the hair and be blow dried in. But if you have let your hair air dry or just just want to add extra protection the next day to do heated styling what should you know? Well alot of people and clients of mine make the mistake of applying there heat protection spray and then literally seconds after use heat on there hair. This is a BIG no no ! 

Why you ask ? Well the spray actually makes the hair slightly damp and applying concentrated heat to damp hair is very bad. It actually is worse than not using a protectant in the first place. On most bottles it tells you to applying the spray evenly all over the hair and allow to sit for a minuet. My professional advise would be to allow the heat protectant to sit in the hair for as long as possible or at least 5 minuets so it is absorbed into the hair and doesn't leave the hair slightly damp. 

Another must do. Is make sure you are applying it all over the hair not just in certain spots the spray hits when you have applyed the spray all over the hair and even slightly more on the ends. I always lightly brush the hair through. This will ensure the product is evenly diapered. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Growing your hair tips ! Hairstylist advice !

Ok I For a lot of us hair growth is a problem area. It takes a lot of dedication to get the hair to grow out from a shorter style. Somtimes it feels as though the hair just gets to a certain point and discontinues to grow. As a hairdresser I ofern have ladies asking me about this problem. This would be my advise to everyone growing there hair as it's what works for pretty much every and also for myself. My hair was just below my armpit but now is to my waist. So how is it done? Heres my advise. ( And please read all the steps to achieve the best results there in no order of importance. But I have also prepared a full shopping list of products you should buy, listed in order of importance at the bottom of the post)

First step nutrients, vitamins and hair pills.

So what we put in our bodies has a direct effect on our hair and nails strength and health. They are both made up from keratin and diffrent foods and vitamins can effect and strengthen this compound. Firstly hair and nail capsules, yes there is a massive market for hair growth pills and potions. Not many genuinely work,but it is important to have a capsule with biotin and foilic acid in it. These help to strength the keratin compounds. Hair,skin and nail tablets from holland and barrets work very well. Reading the label they have all the diffrent vitamins you need to keep the hair and nails strong which will improve the growth and stop breakages. The next point is genral health vitamins, it's good to take a vitamin capsule along side your hair pill. This will help with your genral health which in turn will help with your hair. Getting vitamins from your food is very important too, but it doesn't help to boost and ensure your having enough vitamins through a oral capsule. For ladies vitamin tablets with iron in as well would be helpful. Last point on this section is foods, there are a few foods it's good to eat to help with hair strength and health ultermatly helping with growth. These foods are high in vital fats we need in the body. Nuts,avacardo, olives and fish are all good foods to eat to keep hair health and shine.

Step two , hair oils

Hair oils are so important to any hair care routien, but especially when growing your hair. There are so many types of oil coconut, castor, argon , macadamia, red , olive ect it's really important to find the right one for you. However I would highly recommend castor oil for hair growth. I have linked the full article on it here. So I would highly recommend a read. Which ever oil you chose the ways to apply are diffrent with each but applying a oil to damp hair and after heat styling is genral use. Most oils can also be used as part of a deep conditioning mask. 

Step three, sulphate free shampoo
When washing your hair it's important not to dry your hair out. Shampoos with lots of diffrent chemicals in, especially sulphates will strip the hair of it's natural oils. Sulphate free shampoos will wash the hair removing dirt, but not striping the hair of it's nurients. This will help with hair growth as the natural oils will help feed the hair from the roots to grow instead of having no oils to feed. 

Step four, washing the hair less/dry shampoo
When trying to grow your hair it's important not to over wash it. Even with sulphate free shampoo you shouldn't wash your hair every day. For thin hair try to wash it every other day for medium to thick hair try to go 3 days between washes. The longer you can leave it the more oils will be created, which in turns helps the hair which simulates growth.

Step five
Deep conditioner

Saturday, 23 August 2014

5 top nails polishes


About : opi has been used in salons for decades. Yes with out a doubt opi has made a name for itself as being a leading brand of nail polish. The varity of  colours are amazing and no ones polish collection is complete without a few opi treats in your collection.

Why is it so good : chip resistance is a massive facter with this polish it can last a good amount of time. On average 7 to 10 days which for a normal polish is great. The glitter polishes as well as being stunning can last even longer. High shine and lasting finish makes this polish a must.

Retail price per polish : between £8-£15

Rating: 9.5/10


About: Jessica is another salon favourite. It too has been used in salons across the world as a leading brand. A nail technicians favourite Jessica has been in business for over 20 years. 

Why is it so good: Jessica has a really lovley finish it's glossy and keeps it's shine. Although it has a slower drying time in my opinion the mani or pedi will last a good full week.

Retail price per polish : £8-£15


Rimmels 60 seconds

About: rimmels 60 second polish has only been around for the last 4 years but hasn't it just taken the polish world by storm ! They say a girl is only helpless while her nails are drying well now it only takes a minuet with the second seconds dry time.

Why is it so good: obviously the main quality of this polish is the quick dry time. However I love the amount of colours there are in the range. Not only this but the finish is very shiney and could be mistaken with any high end polish. It does chip but it actually stays fairly well compared to most high street polishes.

Retail price per polish: £4.99-6.99

Rating: 8/10

Models own

About: models own is a fairly new brand of polish well known in America it's only recently been seen on the uk market. 

What makes it so good: again this brand had an amazing colour range. However what makes this range stand out is it's multi tonel range, where the colour alters in the light. This freature isn't unique to models own, but it is done incredibley well. There glitter polishes also are highly pigmented and lasts fairly well. One down point to the glitter polish they do take a long time to dry. Many a time I have become in patient and smudge my nails. 

Retail price per polish : £4.99-£6.99

Rating: 8/10

No 7 stay perfect 

About: No 7 has always done fantastic quality makeup and polishes, but has never been classed as a high end brand. It lies at the top end of a high street branding. No 7 has been around for decades and the polishes have developed over time.

What makes it so good: This polish lasts really well (a good full week). It has a nice shiney finish and is fairly chip resistant. Really classy colours is the only way to describe the colour selection and the drying time is fairly good.

Retail price per polish: £6.99-£8.99

Rating: 8/10

Best self tanners reviews !

Best self tanners for the summer. Reviewing each tan for the value for money, colour and general finish of each product. Each self tanner I have used in the past two years. Some I have discontinued using others I use regularly and here are my honest opinions and reviews for each ! 

Remember when using tan to apply using a glove or mit to avoid dark hands and to exfoliate before use. Moisturizer every couple of days after use or at least the fourth day after wearing the tan for long lasting best results. Remember the fade will be more dramatic depending on how dark you go with your tan. A tan just a couple of shades darker will always fade less noticeably than a very dark tan.

Top 3 tanners at the bottom of the page with links where to buy !

St moriz

Type: Gradual/ instant
Pice: £4.99
Consistency: mousse 
Application time : 4-6hr for colour to develop
Colour: Comes in three different shades light to dark gives a even brown colour with olive under tones. Not much of a orange tint but more of a olive green. Can be light and natural or very dark and deep.
Long lasting : a week - to a week and a half.
Fade: Fade will show after a week and a half and will need a good scrub and exfoliate. It generally will come off first in the creases of your skin. You will need to get all old product off with this tan before applying the tan again.
Rating: 9/10


Type: Gradual
Price: £5.99
Consistency: Cream
Application: 2 or 3 times for a deeper tan. Over the corse of a week making for a long lasting tan.
Colour: Brown with a medium orange tone not overly orange. More applications the darker the colour becomes light to medium genrally. 4-6hrs over night before showering.
Long lasting : Can last up to 2 weeks or slightly more if applications are spread over a couple a weeks but the colour won't be so intense. Very natural looking. 
Fade: Good fade it will start to fade at about a week and a half,but will be a more natural fade with light exfoliation needed. I would surguest with this tan to remove all old product before applying a new layer.
Rating: 7.5/10


Type: Gradual
Price: £6.99
Consistency: Cream
Colour: Natural tan colour brown slight orange tint but not unnaturally so. Darker with each application generally a medium tan. I Really love how natural this tan looks one of my favorites as its moisturizing too. Colour can be seen from 4 hrs of wearing but should be left on for at least 6 hrs for a light to medium tan. But remember these tans are build-able.
Long lasting : 2 weeks.
Fade: Fade is pretty natural will start to fade after about a week and a half and will need a light exfoliation before reapplying. Reapplying with this tan is very good to as it will blend with any product left on the skin. Also old product when you next exfoliate will come off but the new tan will be left underneath so exfoliating all the old tan off isnt a must with this tan as its a blending tan.


Type: Instant/Gradual
PriceAny where from £15.00 Shop around for this one.
Colour: Different colours you can buy light to dark all tan have a olive undertone like the st mortiz in fact its very similar to the st mortiz tanner in many ways. 4hr-6hr
Long lasting : About a week and a half
Fading: Again very simular to the st mortiz tan it will come of in the creases of the skin first and need to be thoroughly exfoliated off before applying a new layer.
Rating: 8.5/10

Sun labs

Type: gradual
Price: Tan bottle around £25 but do shop around.
Consistency: Cream
Colour: Colour is lovley very natural and olivey. Come in light to dark shades. Smells like cherry's really is one of the nicest smelling tans you will find. Again 4hr-6hr before any colour change will occur. This one also have a exfoliate and tan extender in the range but can be sold separate. 
Fade : Fade is really good with this product it fades more naturally and is a bendable tan so if any old product isn't exfoliated off properly the new tan will penetrate underneath so exfoliation doesnt have to be so harsh. 
Long lasting : 2 and half weeks
Rating: 9/10

Sally henson- Air brush legs

Type: Instant
Price: £8.99
Consistency: spray
Colour: slightly orange tint to it but nice and brown its a makeup for the legs so its really camouflages any imperfections on the skin and gives a nice even coverage.
Long lasting : This product is a instant tanner so its not made to be long lasting more just for a night out. It is water resistant though so dont be worried if it starts raining too much. You do need to apply shower gel to really remove it.
Fade: Wash off.

Garnier summer body

Colour: slightly orange glow to this tan but it is a fairly natural tan in the sense of its not to dark.
Long lasting : Good for 2 weeks
Fade: Natural fade with light exfoilation.

St Moriz Instant tan

Type: Instant
Price £4.99
Consistancy: gel/cream
Colour: Nice rich brown dont be scared with how dark it comes out it need to be well rubbed in
Long lasting :This product is a instant tanner so its not made to be long lasting more just for a night out. It is water resistant, not quite as resistant as the sally henson leg makep so if it starts raining i would be cautious with this product. 
Rating: 8/10

Top Three !

Great build-able gradual tanner really natural colour from Palmers and my ultimate favorite Buy here Offer on!
St Moriz amazing mousse tanner really competes with st tropez and as its alot cheaper and basically the exact same thing its my second favorite tanner to use. Buy Here !

A higher end product but delivers higher end results really enjoy this tan this smell and long lasting nice natural fade make this tanner a much loved faviourt of mine. Buy Here !


Had to mention this product as for a instant tanner this would be my one of choice my top three are comprized or graduals so this is my choice for a instant wash off :) 

Hope that was helpful enjoy your summer glow ! Have a beautiful day !