Monday, 22 September 2014

Bryt skin care !

BRYT Skincare is a relatively new skin care range, providing skin care for youthful skin. The products are specifically targeted towards young adults between the ages of 13-25.  I have been so impressed with this range of products, we wanted to give it the praise it deserves and we're sure it wont be long before this line of products is common place in every salon/spa in the UK. It's what young skin has been waiting for and it's so refreshing to see a brand targeting skin prevention instead of anti-ageing when damage had already be caused. As the well know phase goes... prevention is always better than cure. 
BRYT skincare's philosophy is their belief that paying attention to your skin throughout your early life will ensure your skin is healthy, fresh and clear, with long-lasting benefits.
BRYT say that 'good healthy skin gives us all an air of confidence and well-being and is especially important when we perhaps feel a little vulnerable in other areas of our lives.'
We couldn't agree more!
As teenagers and young adults, our bodies are going through a time of transition and our skin is so often a reflection of that change. That's why BRYT Skincare has created this collection of products to help re-establish and maintain the skin’s natural equilibrium, especially as we grow into young adults.
Not only this but BRYT's skincare range protects the skin from free radicals, pollution, sun, wind, rain, heat and cold and dietary toxins (collectively called free radicals), as these hazardous elements on young skin can have hugely detrimental effects on skin as we mature.
From my own personal trail on the products, using the four step system of makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer and calming serum. I have had great results with my skin. But before getting into the benefits. I was really impressed with how the products arrived to me, nicely wrapped and packaged in tissue paper it was like opening a present! The information booklet that comes with the products is also very helpful. Its full of information and actually gives you the step by step instructions on the best way to optimize the use of your BRYT products. Not only this but it goes into the the pacific reasons why they use what they use in there products. Which for a avid beauty blogger like myself this is fantastic. Theirs information  id never heard before.. which is great! 

As for the skin analysis my skin is oily combination skin and there are different products for different skin types so it is good to know your skin before purchasing. All the products worked really well doing exactly what they state. I was particularly impressed with the calm serum, which balanced out my skin not only did it really work for me, but the products themselves smell amazing. (That spa like smell). 

All and all my trail of the products over the month have been very positive iv noticed a diffrence within a month and i have no doubt i would see more over time. These are products that you feel good using you know they are genrally doing you good as there natural based and havent got any chemicals you really dont need in  you skin.

So happy using !

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