Sunday, 7 September 2014

Use protection !

Heat protection that is ! No don't worry we aren't going into sex education today.  

Yes heat protection is banged on about all the time in the hair and beauty world. Being a salon working stylist doing my own clientele I would hope that I can offer some valuable knowledge on this subject. The truth is heat protection is ultimately a good thing BUT ! Alot of are unaware of how to properly use it and this is when damage can occur.

 Heat protection should always be applied on to wet or damp hair it should be left to settle in the hair and then blow dried in. Heat protection on dry hair is when it can get a little more complicated. So ultimately the best way to apply is to allow the heat protectant to settle in the hair and be blow dried in. But if you have let your hair air dry or just just want to add extra protection the next day to do heated styling what should you know? Well alot of people and clients of mine make the mistake of applying there heat protection spray and then literally seconds after use heat on there hair. This is a BIG no no ! 

Why you ask ? Well the spray actually makes the hair slightly damp and applying concentrated heat to damp hair is very bad. It actually is worse than not using a protectant in the first place. On most bottles it tells you to applying the spray evenly all over the hair and allow to sit for a minuet. My professional advise would be to allow the heat protectant to sit in the hair for as long as possible or at least 5 minuets so it is absorbed into the hair and doesn't leave the hair slightly damp. 

Another must do. Is make sure you are applying it all over the hair not just in certain spots the spray hits when you have applyed the spray all over the hair and even slightly more on the ends. I always lightly brush the hair through. This will ensure the product is evenly diapered. 

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