Monday, 29 September 2014

Be your beautiful self !

Here is a inner beauty topic i really have wanted to write on for some time ! Being un-apologetically you ! Letting your true self shine through no matter how nervous,shy or what pressures you may have on you to conform to what others see as usual or "the norm".I should note this is completely my own personal opinion and has been requested to me numerous times by my lovely readers. So today I felt i would give you my view on being yourself, also touching on how to be confident after you've had a knock down as many of you lady's have requested

In the age that we live in there are a lot of pressures to conform to the stereo types of the modern world. Every day we are subjected to this false idea of what is normal and how we should be. I find more and more of us are oppressing our natural selves and acting in a way to follow the trends we see. Ofern these trends coming from social media, television and just generally what we are subjected to as normal behavior.

 However its really important to truly know how beautiful it is to be uniquely you ! I find people who have different interests, talents and quirks are the best people you could ever meet. I feel strongly that you should never loose yourself in the crowd. In fact while everyone is doing the same dance, if your the one doing your own steps you stand out the most. 

What im trying to say in simple terms is don't be afraid to be different, be silly, be playful. Be whatever you want, if it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes you happy do it! For me i think alot of the stereo types we are suppose to look up to aren't very helpful to us. They promote alot of things that for centuries have been frowned upon. The morals that have always been there today are generally lost in this quest to conform to the stereo type.

 For some people this kind of lifestyle works for them and if its what you want then go for it . I don't want to judge peoples life choices. However from my own view point i really have to say that in a world where so many people act in the same trends going out every weekend, being promiscuous, having lower levels of self respect and worth. You will shine brighter than anyone if you don't conform. Im just saying treat yourself like you'd want your daughter be treated like. People will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated.

Coming to the second issue. Sometimes people don't see that worth no matter how lovley you are as a person. Some people just won't treat you quite how you hoped, knock downs can be hard to take. But truly know within your soul that they where never worth you. Be it a friendship or a relationship if someone treated you badly, put you down, hurt your heart or let you down have a belief that they where never as good as you had thought them to be. Confidence is a inner believe that you as a person are enough. You are good enough, beautiful enough, clever enough. You are enough for anyone because you are the best version of yourself. There will never be anyone who can be you or do you better because you are the only one. 

So for tips on confidence I would say to get comfortable in your skin. Truly understand that you are a diamond and they are rare to find. If somone hurts you and tries to lower that inner peace and confidence with horrible words or unexplained actions. Know that it's a fault within them not you. 

Some people secretly like drama anyone that wants to bring you drama is below you. In my teens I had a lot of drama,  some of which was self inflicted. Some of which was brought to my door.  I had a couple of unhealthy relationships. At one point I felt as though I loved two people and caused them both pain believe me when I say I no I'm not perfect no one is. We all go through dramas, ups and downs. Believe me Iv delt with so much drama in my younger years it would be enough for several lifetimes :p but there are people who live for these ups and downs who love to chase and play games. Iv been there. But believe me these people just aren't ready yet.

This is no reflection on yourself they are just not in the right place in there life's. I use to be one of these people, but as you get older you actually realise that life isn't about drama. It's about love being the best version of yourself. Surporting your partner to reach both of your goals. It's about the beauty of every day making every day the best. When you get married you will not want unnecessary drama then you will want quiet self bettering happiness. You will want to be with the person that makes you better makes you work harder. For some people this state of mind is not reached till later on in life. Seems to be very late for some men now days. 

A lot of relationships work out if the timing is right, some things where just never meant to be. And again that's no reflection on you as a person. As the saying goes somthings fall apart for better things to come together. I truly believe that. For me moving on becomes very easy. Not because I didn't love or care for the person but simply because if I ended it I no I gave it all the time it deserved I would of done all I could. Or if they ended it they just weren't right for me and they will not have truly seen the value in me that another man would. So it makes it easy to move on. I have been called heartless before, but when you truly no your own value you don't dwell on people who don't. You move on. Not to anyone may I add they will have to be special have somthing going for them but these people come along May not be today or next week but he will be there when the times right.

Relationships be it friendships, romantically or work related are the biggest causes of low self esteem. So truly think bout who your spending your time around. Are they deserving of you? There won't be many that you can whole hearted say yes to. Don't give anyone your valuable time who doesn't deserve you. But when you do give someone that time be nothing but yourself. At least you will no you where always true to yourself.

And always know you are enough ! 

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