Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Growing your hair tips ! Hairstylist advice !

Ok I For a lot of us hair growth is a problem area. It takes a lot of dedication to get the hair to grow out from a shorter style. Somtimes it feels as though the hair just gets to a certain point and discontinues to grow. As a hairdresser I ofern have ladies asking me about this problem. This would be my advise to everyone growing there hair as it's what works for pretty much every and also for myself. My hair was just below my armpit but now is to my waist. So how is it done? Heres my advise. ( And please read all the steps to achieve the best results there in no order of importance. But I have also prepared a full shopping list of products you should buy, listed in order of importance at the bottom of the post)

First step nutrients, vitamins and hair pills.

So what we put in our bodies has a direct effect on our hair and nails strength and health. They are both made up from keratin and diffrent foods and vitamins can effect and strengthen this compound. Firstly hair and nail capsules, yes there is a massive market for hair growth pills and potions. Not many genuinely work,but it is important to have a capsule with biotin and foilic acid in it. These help to strength the keratin compounds. Hair,skin and nail tablets from holland and barrets work very well. Reading the label they have all the diffrent vitamins you need to keep the hair and nails strong which will improve the growth and stop breakages. The next point is genral health vitamins, it's good to take a vitamin capsule along side your hair pill. This will help with your genral health which in turn will help with your hair. Getting vitamins from your food is very important too, but it doesn't help to boost and ensure your having enough vitamins through a oral capsule. For ladies vitamin tablets with iron in as well would be helpful. Last point on this section is foods, there are a few foods it's good to eat to help with hair strength and health ultermatly helping with growth. These foods are high in vital fats we need in the body. Nuts,avacardo, olives and fish are all good foods to eat to keep hair health and shine.

Step two , hair oils

Hair oils are so important to any hair care routien, but especially when growing your hair. There are so many types of oil coconut, castor, argon , macadamia, red , olive ect it's really important to find the right one for you. However I would highly recommend castor oil for hair growth. I have linked the full article on it here. So I would highly recommend a read. Which ever oil you chose the ways to apply are diffrent with each but applying a oil to damp hair and after heat styling is genral use. Most oils can also be used as part of a deep conditioning mask. 

Step three, sulphate free shampoo
When washing your hair it's important not to dry your hair out. Shampoos with lots of diffrent chemicals in, especially sulphates will strip the hair of it's natural oils. Sulphate free shampoos will wash the hair removing dirt, but not striping the hair of it's nurients. This will help with hair growth as the natural oils will help feed the hair from the roots to grow instead of having no oils to feed. 

Step four, washing the hair less/dry shampoo
When trying to grow your hair it's important not to over wash it. Even with sulphate free shampoo you shouldn't wash your hair every day. For thin hair try to wash it every other day for medium to thick hair try to go 3 days between washes. The longer you can leave it the more oils will be created, which in turns helps the hair which simulates growth.

Step five
Deep conditioner

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