Sunday, 19 October 2014

Makeup do's and don'ts

Today I thought I'd do a really quick post on makeup mistakes ! Simple things that we all need to be aware of when applying the makeup!

1. Your makeup is not a mask, use it to enhance you not cover you.
2. Even I am guilty of over caking when a dreaded spot appears but remenber less is more.
3. Your eyebrows are meant to be made of hair not powder and certainly not eye liner. Remenber to just lightly enhance don't fake what isn't natural. (In all aspects of life 🙊)
4. Lips big lips are where it's at now in the beauty world but don't over draw to much natural is key.
5. Do you naturally blush like that ? Blusher should be a hint of colour like a pinch to the cheek more than a thump to the face. Avoid harsh reds and apply not just to the apples but up to the hair line.
6. Your foundation should match your neck and blend seamlessly down.
7. Natural eye shadow shades are recommended to a more sultry eye don't go for to many over the top colours unless the rest of the face is neutral.
8. Don't go too light under the eyes. Yes go lighter there but not to the point of it being a obvious triangle of white.
9. Contour naturally we don't want to see brown lines everywhere!
10. Always smile no amount of makeup can change how pretty it is to see a smile!

Thanks for reading beauties ! 

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