Monday, 17 November 2014

Weight loss tips

Tips to help you lose more weight with healthy eating and excise !

1. Drink lots of water before and after meals, this makes the stomach feel fuller.
2. Drink green tea it reduces appetite, do this after a meal to stop snacking.
3. If you snack, snack on things like celery or cucumber because the energy taken to eat these things actually burns the calories these foods contain. Meaning it's as if you haven't snacked.
4. Join a gym class this is offern easier than going alone.
5. Get a friend to join you in your mission to lose weight. This especially works if your competitive.
6. Eat small and often instead of 3 big meal 5 meals the size of your fist is actually better, because it get your matabalism working faster.
7. Seek advice from a netrientist on what you should eat to help with your persific aims. Lots of salad, nuts,fruits,chicken and eggs are a must. Also fish they have so much goodness.
8. Wear tight clothes in your free time to make you aware of your physique this will help you push your tummy in and in turn tone it it. 
9. Ofcorse going to the gym at least twice a week this I promise you will make you feel so much better and no toning will happen with out exercise.
10. Prepapare meals to stick to your diet plan.

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