Saturday, 5 July 2014

5 foundation reviews !

Some high end and some shop bought foundations. My truthful review on the quality of these foundations I have used and do use on a daily basis. 

Pink punch rimmel lip stick and georgio armini foundation.

So which are the best buys ? Are high end brands better ? Your about to find out ! 

Estée Lauder double wear

Coverage: 9/10 - full-  Great full coverage foundation all imperfections are covered. Gives a even finish to the skin and doesn't stick to dry areas. A small amount goes along way. 

Consistancy: - the consistency is thick, however it feels very light on the face. It doesn't feel as though your wearing a full coverage foundation. It still allows the skin to breath.

Long lasting: 9/10 - double wear is truly one of the best foundations for it's staying power. Anyone looking for a long lasting look this is diffintly it !

Flashback : 5/10 - unfortunately double wears SPF factor means that yes it protects you against the sun, which is a wonderful quality. But in flash photography your face will reflect light, meaning you can look like you have a much lighter face. Iv given double wear a 5. For me I have had this problem meaning some photos taken I had a much lighter face than my body. Not a good look ! The problem isn't as bad as some foundations but it's bad enough to notice. You will need a bronzer and powder over the top to help combat the problem some what. After these steps I'd give it a 7/10 you could take pictures.

Transfering : 8/10 - this foundation doesn't transfer very easily so don't worry girls! When your man kisses your cheek or gives you a squeez your makeup won't be on his shirt or lips.

Over all : 9.5/10

Rimmel lasting finish

Coverage: 8.5/10 - full - rimmels 25hr foundation does give a nice even finish. It hides spots,acne,marks ect very easily and is defiantly more of a full coverage foundation. 

Consistancy: This foundation is thick to the touch and you can feel it on your skin. Especially if your not use to a full coverage foundation. But it's not as thick as many full coverage foundations and it does have to be one of my favourite cheaper options.

Long lasting: 8.5/10 - rimmels foundation says it lasts 25hrs I would say it's fair to say it lasts a full day . 25hrs I'm not to sure but it does last and is great for the summer months.

Flashback : 8/10 - this foundation does have a SPF to protect from the sun, but lucky enough this factor doesn't give flash back. So flash photography is a go ! 

Transfering : 8/10 - not to bad for transfer can actually take a good wipe to get this foundation off even when wanting to remove. So with a setting powder this foundation isn't going anywhere.

Over all : 8/10

Giorgio Armani

Coverage: 8/10 - med to full -Giorgio Armani has a wonderful finish to it luminous silk gives as the name surguests a more luminous finish. Where as designer lift gives a smoother/firming finish. Covers most imperfections easily but is a mark below Estée launders double wear as it doesn't cover quite so easily.

Consistancy: a medium to thick consistency. Doesn't feel as though your wearing a thick makeup but you can feel it on the skin more than some foundations. Mainly due to the fuller coverage. 

Long lasting: 8/10 - Giorgio Armani doesn't claim to be a extra long lasting foundation, but it does last for the morjority of the day. 

Flashback : 7/10 - not too much flash back even though this foundation does contain a SPF with a setting powder non is visible on flash photography.

Transfering : 8/10 - does transfer abit more than the other two foundation mention so far, but for the finish it gives you I'd say it's worth it ! 

Over all : 8.5/10

Face atelier: 

Coverage: 9/10 - full - this foundation is a little wonder product ! The coverage is very full easily covering imperfections but still looks more natural like your own skin. A little goes along way with this product.

Consistancy: face atelier is a thick feeling foundation to the touch and on the face however after letting it settle and setting it with a fixing powder it doesn't feel as though your wearing a mask. Just a long wearing foundation. 

Long lasting: 9/10 - this foundation is very long lasting it will gay in place all day easily with a setting powder and finishing spray. 

Flashback : 10/10 -  I haven't had any problemswith flash back with this foundation. Possibly due to the fact it doesn't have a SPF sun screen. Which isn't much of a disadvantage to the product s the foundation itself will act like a screen / barrier on it's own. Just not as strongly as other foundation.

Transfering : 8.5/10 - for me face atelier doesn't really transferred to much unless rubed. T shirt transfer is minimal.

Over all : 9.5/10

Superstay 24hr foundation 

Coverage: 7.5/10 - medium - maybellines super stay foundation gives a nice even coverage. For me it doesn't completely cover blemishes and need building on. However this is more wht Iv found with the new version of the product the old version was slightly more full coverage.

Consistancy: medium - the new formula does feel more running nd. Licquidy thn the old one and does feel nice nd light on the face.

Long lasting: 7.5/10- I find this foundation will last a good working day 24hrs I'm not unite sure but defiantly a 10 hr working day. With setting power and finishing spray more so.

Flashback : 9/10 - superstay does have a SPF in it to protect from the sun but has barely ny flash back which is a doubley good thing.

Transfering : 8/10 - this product will transfer slightly not terribly but less so than most foundations.

Over all : 7/10