Saturday, 28 June 2014

The ultermate nude lipsticks.

Nude mixed in photo creme caramel from maybelline and birthday suit Rimmel london

Here are my all time favorite nudes. Nudes to me don't cancel out the lip they just give a slight added pigment and enhancement to your natural lip. Be it a peachy tint, a pinky colour , a shimmer or a pearly glow. 

Creme caramel -  maybelline -retailing at £8.99 $13
Name :Creme caramel

Colour tint : Peachy brown 

Finish: Matt or shiny

Long lasting : 10/10

Pretty please - Mac- £15 $25
Name: Pretty please

Colour tint : Pearly pink

Finish: pearly Shimmer

Long lasting : 8/10

Nude attitude -Revlon- £ 7.49 $12.75
Name: nude attitude

Colour tint : Peachy

Finish : Matt

Long lasting : 6.5/10

Forever beige- maybelline - £6.99 $12
Name: forever beige

Colour tint: Brown

Finish: Matt

Long lasting: 9/10

Creme de nude- Mac- £15 $25
Name: Creme de nude

Colour tint: Slight peach hue

Finish: Creamy

Long lasting: 8/10

Blankety - Mac-£15 $25
Name: Blankety 

Colour tint: Pinky

Finish: cream matt

Long lasting: 8/10

Birthday suit -Rimmel-£4.99 $8.50
Name: Birthday suit

Colour tint: Browny peach

Finish: sheer/cream

Long lasting: 7/10

Nougat-Vivo-£1.99 $3 !
Name: Vivo nougat 

Colour tint: Deep peach

Finish: creamy/sheer

Long lasting: 6/10

Darling - Gosh- now £6.49 $10
About : Darling

Colour tint : Rose

Finish: creamy

Long lasting: 8/10

Pearly nude-Maxfactor-£10.99 $15
Name: Pearly nude

Colour tint: Pinky

Finish : Pearly

Long lasting: 10/10