Thursday, 26 June 2014

Long lasting work makeup !

Long Lasting Work Makeup

(Makeup for the office, some key pieces you should consider investing in for a long lasting look.)

(Long lasting work makeup)

Products i find last the whole day ! get this look !

For a long lasting base foundation i would recommend Estee lauders double wear. Its a very light feeling foundation but gives full coverage. It stays put all day not only this but it comes in many different shades so you will be sure to find your perfect match. 

A doop for this high end product would be Rimmels 25hr foundation retailing at generally £6.00 $10 compared to Estee lauder at £28.50 $47 Which in my opinion is worth every penny but the Rimmel foundation is a very close match for a third of the price. My own shade is tawny In Estee Lauder or soft beige in Rimmel foundation.

For concealer my go to favorite for a fixed all day look is the 24hr super stay concealer from maybelline. I use both shade 1 (the lightest colour) and shade 3 (the darkest colour). I use shade1 under my eyes and to high light my nose and cupids bow. I use shade 3 for any out breaks or areas that could use some contour. These retail at £4.99 $7 there great for the price but a word of warning i do find these run out quit quickly so its handy to buy a back up with these.

For me one of my favorite powders has to be matte maker from maybelline. This is the powder I tend to go for from day to day . As its inexpensive retailing at £3.99 $6. For me gives a really nice matt finish standing along brands such as macs studio fix powder. Its not a heavy powder but its heavy enough to give slight coverage and ultimate mattness.

For the ultimate in fixing powder the studio fix powder from mac is a must. However i don't tend to use this every day as it is fairly heavy. With this powder i tend to use this more for a night look to fix my foundation in place. Retailing at £20 $33 both powders are great for a matt fix for over your foundation.

This product is a absolute must have! if you've never heard of it before you are in for a treat ! A full review will be done in my reviews section to explain more about it but in simple terms model in a bottle acts like a hairspray for your makeup. It literally sticks your makeup down. Using this and the other products i have mentioned your makeup is not going anywhere ! I tend to use this from day to day once all my makeup is applied, i will spay this three times over my whole face. However for a night look when i want it to be extra set i first use it to set my foundation. So after applying my foundation and powder i do this over the top 3 sprays then i do my eyes, lips and blush and respray 5 sprays so that my night look will not be sweating off my face in a few hours time. It really works and this is a massive must have ! retailing at $18 £10.50 or there abouts. It is soo worth the money !

Please see review for this product by clicking here: Product review
For summer time all day eye shadow be sure to check out my complete review on Maybellines colour tattoo eye shadows. Retailing at £4.99

For a long lasting mascara waterproof is always a good option to go for, but be warned it can be very hard to take off at the end of the day. I tend to stick with max factors false lash effect mascara. This is available in water proof or non water proof retailing at £8.99 $13. I dont tend to get any under eye blackness with the standard bottle even after being in a steam room it stayed in place. But waterproof would be a good buy for anyone suffering with hay fever (or like most of us woman prone to emotional outbursts haha)  

Holy grail of lip sticks I very rarely use anything other than these fantastic super stay lipstick. Why? because they are just that great! No touch ups are needed all day with these lipsticks from maybelline there what have been needed in the lipstick department for years. If you have not tried one yet what are you doing ! There is not much that can stand up against the maybelline and maxfactor super stay lipsticks. There is a great range of colours in both maxfactors lipfinity and maybellines super stay collection.

Be sure to check out there pages for even more information :Max factor  Maybellines super stay lipsticks page

The final fixing long lasting must have is Anastasia Beverly hills brow gel. This gel is a wonderful way to not only keep thicker brows in the desired shape, but keep pencil or powder from melting off as the day goes on. Remember girls brows are the new black so good brows are well worth in investing in something like this to keep your shape on point all day. Hope this was helpful !