Monday, 23 June 2014

Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo review


Wow where do i start with this wonder product from Maybelline ? Perfect for the summer months Maybellines 24hr range defiantly stands up against top of the range brands!

Perfect for hot sticky weather these eye shadows aren't budging! They not only have a very high pigmented colour true to shade, but do as they say on the pot. For the hot summer months these eye shadows don't crease or sweat off they stay in place all day no problem!

(Using eternal gold and on and on bronze)

The colours are not only very pretty shades, but can actually can be blended together. Although the consistency is thick the shadows can be worked in with a harder bristle brush and blended together. (As i have done here with gold and on and on bronze in the crease)
(Light dusting of eternal gold uses)

(Using eternal gold , on and on bronze and lipstick again by maybelline in ravishing red)

Do they really last 24 hr ?
From my own personal use of this product i would say they last the full day easily. I have worn the same base shade and just toped it up with a darker shade for a night time look and again that didn't budge. So my answer to that question would have to be a big fat yes !

Whats the best way to apply?
The best way to apply this product would be to use a hard brustle brush as the product does require some working in . You could take a cotton bud and apply some product to the centre of the eye lid, then blend in with the bristle brush to ensure enough product is dispersed. 

The retail price is £4.99 and they are worth every penny !

Rating ? 9.5/10

This product is amazing i use these all the time they are perfect for the sticky weather and they don't promises anything they cant deliver. My only slight down point is that they are extremely thick making the application just a little more tricky than you may wish, but that is a very small grumble. Ultimately they are worth every penny you pay i would actually go as far as to say i would happily pay a little more for them in all honestly but thats what we love about Maybelline its great quality for lower prices.  

Maybelline website for more info :
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