Friday, 6 March 2015

Lip pumps my experience.

August last year I was sent one of these bad boys as I'm sure my lovley readers may have seen my articles going into great detail about the pump. However after months of using it I feel I can give a true honest opinion and answer some of those questions I have received. Big lips are a big thing at the moment! For most of us naturally we aren't going to be able to achieve these plump Spanish looking lips with out fillers. But this is the lates trick we can try. The latest innovation being lip pumps .. Yes you read correctly lips pumps! 

Yes lip pumps are the world's first home use cosmetic lip enhancement beauty tool, clinically proven to increase lip volume and safe for intended use. With this suction tool, you can now enhance the appearance of both the upper and lower lip together or separately. The System is small, attractive, and portable. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Your lip enhancement session takes just a few minutes and the look lasts for up to two hours! And here is my exsperiance and questions answered!

Does it hurt ?
 No it is completely painless.

Does it last well ?
 I feel as though it lasts very well for a hour. I still feel my lips were bigger for up to three hours, but nothing more this is a temporary solution. Perfect for special occasions first date a meal out etc. However it would need repeating after 3 hours.

Is it easy to use ? 
Very easy and simple to use takes 2 or 3 minuets depending on how large you want to go then some lipstick and your good to go.

Does more pumping increase the size ?
Yes but be careful not to over pump or you could get a bruise no more than 3 minuets or I do 30 pumps and stop. 

Is there a better technique?
Yes make sure you skin is full on the suction cup and do slower pumps for more suction (no innuendos intended)

Would you buy and recommend this product ?
A big fat yes!

How often do you use it ?
Honestly I don't use it very much as my lips are fairly full but maybe one every other week for a date night. It always makes me feel good when I've done it.

 (Lip pump used here)

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