Monday, 6 April 2015

Waist training in progress !

So far I have had my waist trainer three weeks, being honest with you mine is a little small for me so Iv not worn it as much as you should do. Iv worn it once a week at the gym and one full day on my day off work. Totaling 2 days a week or about 18 hrs. The waist trainer says to try and wear it 6 hours a day with one or two rest days a minimum of 30 hrs a week and this could easily be done if it's comfortable for you. However for me having got one a little smaller than expected it could be a little un comfy. Saying this though so far I have seen some noticeable results even if Iv only been wearing it two days a week. 

Firstly when wearing it a full day you don't feel as though you want to eat so much as it's pushing your stomach in. Although it doesn't claim this I feel as though it makes you feel fuller as your stomach feels a lot tighter as if full quicker. This could be as more pressure is put on the stomach as it expans. Secondly when excerising I really feel it's helping me sweat and tighten the muscles around my waist I turn helping towards the smaller waist. 

So far I've lost half a inch from my waist in three weeks this is great and if using this tool properly I'm sure you could achieve more. I'm hoping in another three weeks time it will become comfy to wear so I can wear it maybe three days. But for now I'm very happy with the product and would recommend just don't be temped to go for a smaller size go for a comfortable fit. 

Thanks for reading, I will keep you updated, blessings ! 

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